I thought we were having a perfect school day

+Warning--graphic shots under cute kid shots+

Even Waid worked hard and did not disturb other kid's schoolwork.

Emmi did this while I was working with someone else.

Avery was having a great day, and remembered the previous lesson on counting by 2's.
Then I got to Wes, who had taken the lid off of his glue, spilled it, and was trying to clean it up and get the lid on before I found out.....no picture, as I put the camera down and started grabbing baby wipes.  If the boy can't find a mess, he just makes his own.

Remember when Jake had to borrow my camera?
Here's what he was doing......learning the correct procedures for photographing a  (fake) crime scene, and then being tested on it.
Here are a few of the 200 pic's he took.

I'm sure these are fake drugs too.

He had to write up a report and solve the crime too.
He has finals over the next few days, and will be home in 2 weeks.  After 1 week off, he will go back to school for full time summer work at A*Beka.


  1. Anonymous1:04 PM

    awesome that he can go and work at Ab*ka!! Sorry about the glue mess. I have a child that still at 12 has a mess that follows him..just not as much.

  2. Those are some cute kids!

  3. Your little flock is darling! I became a follower so that I won't miss any more excitement. Do you have travel date ideas?