What I got done today

We haven't fallen of the planet, but post aren't fun without the camera. I found our old one, but the SDcard would not work last week. It worked today, so later, I will share some pics from previous weeks. And my good (or at least better) camera is on it's way back home as of today. But I cannot figure out how to flip the above pic.
I only buy about 10% of the kid's clothes new, so when I do buy new, I like them to match. I got these dresses from Land's End overstocks, for $9 each. The bird is much cuter than it looks! I can't wait to see all 3 girls in them!
Got a $4 Target shirt to match this thrift store skirt. Excuse the markings on the shirt, haven't washed it off yet, and clipped all of the threads.
Emmi and Avery both have monogrammed pillows on their beds, so here is Jenna's pillow top, pillow still has to be made.....I'll show the finished product later.
And the pillowcases, gotta add rick-rack to Jenna's.
So, I got a lot done today, and baked cookies, what about you?


  1. Wow, It all looks cute. I love the pillowcases.
    You were busy.

    I cleaned out one closet and then cleaned out our school stuff. Purged a lot. I collected some more things for your yard sale.

    I also had to run to the grocery store. Not too exciting, but I was glad to get the closets and school stuff done.

  2. Not sure whether this was today or yesterday...but we just did our usual weekend things: housekeeping, catching up on school, chores, etc. and lots of driving. I am driving to Bham every Friday and Sunday now, shuttling my ASFA student (next year it will be studentS). Too much driving, though! Yuck! Eats up half the weekend.

    Glad to know ya'll didn't get blown away in all the weather though...heard it was pretty intense up your way!

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