Jenna's spot--done

All three girls will share a room, they have a seperate toy room, actually 2, and a play kitchen and plastic horses have invaded Jake's room (he's thrilled).
All I really had to do was make the pillows.  There is a hall door on one end of the bed, and closet door on the other end.  I knew a daybed would fit (with only centimeters to spare), but the furniture set we bought when we were expecting Avery, does not come with a daybed....so I got to thinking.....Thankfully, we found a store that allowed us to buy 2 footboards and rails, so it looks like a matching daybed.

View from the closet bathroom door and hallway door.

When we painted the "border" (Kristen drew, I painted), we specifically made an Emmi and Avery, so they have decided that this girl is Jenna, it's above her bed.

Here is the other end of the room.  The size of these rooms was definately a selling point when we transferred here 5 years ago, but at the time, this big room was for 1 little girl, we never imagined we would be putting 3 in it!

 I hope to get Jenna a peasant art painting to go above her bed too.
The boys----uh-----well---since there are currently 2 queens in the room, nothing else will fit.

Wes will share his bed with AJ for a while.  But they shouldn't mind, since they were big buddies in China.

I do hope to get AJ a scroll, hopefully he will not feel  left out.
Then, hopefully, when we've been home a few months, and had time to recover, we can get some neat loft beds.....that's the plan anyway.


  1. Janet-these rooms are amazing! Why are you not in magazines? So pretty.

  2. Kristen and Janet, Such talent! I'm so impressed with the girls
    room. It's so bright and cheerful and the girls will love being together.

  3. They are lovely rooms.


  4. You really are very gifted. It takes squeezing every ounce of creativity out of me to get colors and such to flow. Great Job.

  5. Janet,
    You guys okay up there?
    Just checking,
    Amy Rankin