I was at my grandparents house when Elvis died.
On the day when President Reagan was attacked, I sat at home watched on TV, as Jim Brady took the bullet instead.
I was at my grandparents house, again, when Charles and Dianna got married.
I was in college when the space shuttle Challenger exploded.
We were getting ready for church when we learned that Princess Dianna had died.
I had just dropped my  kids off at school (the year before we started homeschooling), when the Twin Towers were hit on 9-11.  And remember sitting in the den on a Sunday morning soon after, as President Bush declared war on terrorism.

Events that are engraved in my brain.  This week there were 2.  Alabama's deadly tornado, touching people right in my back door; and the Royal wedding.  I will never be able to think of one without the other.
I can drive 30 minutes in either direction, and see the horrible devastation that a mile-wide tornado left.  I read in today's paper, that an older woman sat in her house Thursday night, unable to sleep, as her neighbor's body lay across the street in a body bag, not yet picked up....she was afraid dogs would get it.  I can't imagine.
I've lived in AL all of my life, so -for me at least, tornadoes have come and gone, and I don't think about them that much.  But they have never been an F-5 before.

We've seen roofs gone, trees on vehicles, even our own.  We even saw, 1st hand, the effects of the tornado in Huntsville in 1989.  DH and I took donations from our church, and because of my dad's job, we were able to view the closed off area, just days after the tornado hit.
Maybe it did not affect deeply at that point because I did not yet have children.

I saw a pic on the news of a partial basement, one corner of cement blocks standing,  the house was totally gone.  Maybe because it was the same angle as our basement, and the same corner of the building that we were in, it affected me so.  I thought I were safe in the basement, but no one is safe, anywhere, when such a destructive force comes through.

Pray for the children who have seen this destruction and will forever have a fear of storms, the young adults who will have to grow up quickly because they have lost a parent and must take over the family responsability, families who will be starting over, in an already hurting economy.

I am hurting for others, and truly counting my blessings today.


  1. It is so sad for so many.
    We are praying for them!!!

  2. Its one of those things I haven't even been able to fully process yet. So glad ya'll were okay.

  3. Every time I think about the tornado I am reminded about how close it came to us. We could hear the constant rumble of thunder from it as it passed by. Praise the Lord that it went by us without damaging anything. So glad that all of you are ok.

  4. Prayed the you were not physically affected. Thank you Jesus. and may he give peace to those in need.

  5. Marsha11:52 PM

    Knew you lived in AL, and was hoping you were ok. Glad you are, though so many others grieve and suffer. Aren't you glad you removed those big trees?