I Pad time running out

JUST 24 HOURS LEFT IN THE I PAD AUCTION!!!!--Scroll down to last post for info.

Waid got his cane last week! (in sweatsuit and today we are in shorts!) He's is doing pretty well with it, we've had a few practice sessions. But since he doesn't really need it on familiar turf, he will not practice for long before handing it back to me, and running off to play.
When DH is off, I plan on taking Waid on an errand without the other kids, so we can practice with his cane in strange places--where he really needs it. Hopefully, having this aid, will prevent him from stopping in the middle of a downtown street (while crossing), to feel the sewer cover=), and stopping at store entrances to feel the difference in the white concrete and black asphalt....among other things.
He got his new, better fitting glasses on Wed., so you'll have to check back for a picture.

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  1. I think he looks cute in those glasses! Hope the yard sale goes well tomorrow.