Our fingerprint appointment is on Monday.....but........Our big boy can only miss school/work on Thursdays......so we are walking in, and praying that homeland security will do Jake's prints. Pray with us please, he drove 4.5 hours for this, with no guarantees, and will have to drive back in time for his Friday classes. DH and I can go back on Monday for the original appointment, but it would be really nice if they would do our prints tomorrow too.

I'm sad that Jake can only stay one day, we haven't seen him since his 2 week Christmas break, and will not see him again until May=(, and boy has he grown taller, and bulked up...big arm muscles.

One of the reasons I haven't posted in a while, is that Jake needed my camera for crime scene photos (a class), so I had to send it to him. He has to take it back to school for another week or two, but brought it home for me to use for this short time....because posting is no fun without pictures.

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  1. I just prayed and will continue to pray today. Let us know how it went!