DeJaVu Auction

Thanks to our friends in the bloggy world, and some real, live people =), our Ipad giveaway raised $800 for AJ's and Jenna's adoption.
However: David came home from work Monday carrying this.
Let me back up and say that a man he works with won the giveaway last week. We were excited for him, as he is going on a mission trip soon. We thought how great the IPad would be for his airplane ride, and could help out on his trip. DH called him last Sat after the drawing, and told the winner he would bring it to him at work on Monday.
When DH took it to the winner's office, he told DH to keep it--wow, but use it again to help raise adoption funds.
So here we go again.

This time by silent auction, it's an iPad I, by the way.
We have a bid for $200.

Let's stick to $10 increments, please.

HOW: Just leave your bid in a comment. You can look at the last comment to see what the latest bid was. Email Janet with your contact information when you bid.
The auction ends next Friday, the 18th, at 3pm Central Time!
Easy Peasy! as Emmi says.


  1. Anonymous10:50 PM

    JBM bid $200

  2. What a sweet heart that man has! Put us in for $210.

  3. JB Morris9:22 PM

    JBM bids $250

  4. Not bidding but oh so super excited for you!!

  5. Anonymous9:34 AM

    P. Nicholls Bids: 270.00
    AL Power

  6. JB Morris7:39 PM

    JBM bids $300
    AL Power