When we bought this house over 5 years ago, we had 3 kids.  The basement was wide open, so we built a kid-home-from-college, or sick-elderly-relative suite.  We thought ahead, to --what if WE are handicapped and can't get up the stairs.  So we put in 3 foot wide doors, a little kitchenette, that a stove could be added to, etc.
Then about 2 years ago, we thought we would be homeschooling 3 littles, and the big kid school room was not big enough, so we took over the basement bedroom.  You can read about that transformation, and how we got those awesome cubicles for a song- http://5hurleykids.blogspot.com/2009/08/before-and-after.html
We put the 4 cubicles up, the 4th was my desk, for a while.  Then we discovered we would be homeschooling 4 littles.

The room has been great for us, but now we will be homeschooling 6 littles!
There is no more room in here!
So now it is this:
The homeschool room is now in the den/kitchen area of the basement.  We spent all weekend flipping the furniture.  Our school room is great!  I am so thankful to have the space.  I still have a few little messes to clean up. Then I will give you a peek! 


  1. Wow Janet it looks great. You guys are always doing great improvements. Fingerprints yet?

  2. Your home looks so pretty! And you have been busy! I like the cubicles, what a great idea.