How does this happen??!

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This area/counter full of clutter was spotless less than 2 weeks ago! With all of our appointments this week, and DH's crazy schedule, I have neglected my daily chores. I have a
cough, sore throat, and stuffiness to blame also.Skip 2 days vacuuming and these dust bunnies start appearing. They multiply--like real bunnies.

But the babies are not cute! SO I have spent the morning upstairs cleaning, changing sheets, what fun. At naptime I will tackle the main level--oh, that would be now, but I'm blogging=0.
Blurry pic, but can you feel the love between these two??
And here's Waid eating grapes with a spoon, shhhh, let him do it, it's good for fine motor development! I MUST go clean now, but check back tomorrow. I haven't shared AJ and Jenna's special needs, and no one has asked--how amazing (except a few close friends who "comment" to me thru e-mail). NO, it doesn't matter what their needs are, but I do want to share a little, maybe someone else out there is considering the same needs.

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