Come on it's lovely weather for ........

nope, not a sleigh ride, a deck-demolishing day.
This deck is/was 22 years old, nails were popping up, and things were getting dangerous.
 This was one of the 100 reasons we thought could not adopt again, a portion of tax refund money going to build a new deck.  Decks cost a couple of thousand dollars! 
Our solution????

 Do without.  I was thinking we could put lattice at the bottom of the screened porch, and plant a few bushes, for an inexpensive solution,...... a bench and flowerpots as time goes on.......maybe even a little fountain one day.

But now that I see the space, I am thinking it is the perfect spot for the kiddie pool this summer!  God makes it all work out, doesn't he... :-)


  1. I'm with ya! We've got a big spot waiting for a deck, but it's just too expensive! I love the kiddie pool idea. Perfect. Lisa~

  2. Yes! It is amazing what we can do without when we really think about it. Everything from the big to the little.