more field trip pics

Big hill, many layers of leaves, very squishy.

Very big leaves, maybe we're in dinosaur land.

I bet there is a bear in here......no....just fire ants that attacked Wes.

Very high on a very rickety looking bridge, notice, since I had the camera, I had to stay on solid ground.

Avery thinks it is her job to take care of Wes, even though he is a year older than she is.

Emmi taking care of Waid, with his chubby, still baby-looking hands.

Why walk all that way???

Just 'cause I know someone will ask....this is at Camp Coleman, the Cahaba River, it's a girl scout camp right across from the entrance to our subdividion.  I actually came here many times as a child.....when it was way out in the boonies.   (that bridge was scarry 35 years ago too)

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