Busy Monday

Emmi lost her 3rd tooth--pulled it herself.
The college boy made the mid-term dean's list-again =).
He has already informed us that when he comes home for Christmas, he is babysitting one night so DH and I can go out to dinner alone.  Of course I had already planned for him to do this, but it's sweet he thought of it on his own. 
Avery and Wes working hard on pocket charts.

Look carefully, move the screen a little. Do you see that dimple in his cheek--it's so adorable, but I couldn't get a good pic because he was wiggling and laughing.  Moma loves that dimple!!

See the ice tongs?  He's working hard; this was a occupational therapy assignment.  Another is the "wheelbarrow" walk, to build arm strength, he loves it!
 Notice the house shoes-----still sleeping in them=)--such a sweetie.
Waid's glaucoma surgery is tenatively scheduled for the 1st, depending on if he has TB or not.  The eye foundation will not anesthetize a child who has any other health problems, so if he has TB, it will be at Children's and the date could change.  Dr. Girkin will do one eye, but he hasn't decided which to do yet.
We should have an answer on the TB by Friday.


  1. It is so wonderful to see Waid smiling and wiggling!

    And that is funny about your college boy.:)

  2. I know those house shoes are really such a small thing...to us...but to him they are so special...........just melts my heart!!!! Your children ALL look fabulous!!! Grateful for the Lords blessings in your life.