Works for me Wednesday

Ya know I told you about having the hand gel in the van, right where each kid can have a squirt as they get in?  There it is, bottom center.
I got this "organizer" at a closeout store, I think it was intended for scrapbookers...which I am not.  It stays in the van seat, and contains everything we could ever need while in the van.  Here's some of what it contains:  hand gel, and pocket size hand gel for park, etc., lotion, sunscreen, an item for Godly discipline, straws (cause ya know those drive-thru window people forget them sometimes),  bottled water, kleenex, goldfish, empty plastic cups to put goldfish in for serving, small umbrella (big one in back), kid and mommy pain reliever, neosporin, and bandaids.  Also there are 2pks of wipes between the pink thing and Avery's seat.

OK, I am not a rocket scientist, so when I come up with something really clever, I just have to pat myself on the back......I know, pride commeth before the fall.
This is a portable doorbell.  I think it was $15 at Lowe's.  I keep the button in the kitchen.  The bell is upstairs.  I HATE yelling through the house for the kids, so when I need to call them for dinner, etc., I just ring the bell!

Lastly-- RAIN--Rain works for me!!!
We are about 18 inches behind in rainfall for the year.  Some areas around us got as much as 3" in the last 24 hours!!  Hallelujah--showers of blessings!
Waid probably thought rain was only in China, because I do not think it has rained since he came home.
In other news:  Waid had a pre-op appt today, and weighed in at 33lbs., that's more than his "big" sister=)  Poor Avery is one of those teeny tiny people who will probably never weigh over 100 pounds....she is OBVIOUSLY not genetically related to me!
Waid's appt was so that he can have a detailed eye exam/tests under anesthesia next Friday.
Then the following week we will meet with a geneticist and neurologist for both Waid and Avery.


  1. you would have a great ministry at helping people get organized!!! (I know, I know you have so much free time :-) LOVE the doorbell idea!! That is ingenious! We dont have two floors but if we ever did....I think I would have to consider using that idea. Congrats on the rain!! Have a super good week!

  2. Those are great ideas! We have a basket like that, but it's not nearly as cute and organized! You're motivating me! :0)

  3. Wow, the basket is amazing. Will you come organize me? :)

    NO CBS! I understand though. Seasons.

  4. Janet, everything in that basket is what I carry around in my PURSE. It is RIDICULOUS. Crazy. I'm not EVEN going to tell you what all I've found in my purse. You would SO do an intervention pronto.
    Praying for good reports for your kiddos next week at the doc...
    And can't wait for a park day soon!

  5. I am laughing my head off, and my husband is doing the same, over my shoulder. Our calling-everyone-to-dinner (or to chores or to the van or to family prayer time) is over.

    He is making a trip to Home Depot today to get the wireless doorbell.

    I don't even know you, but oh how you've revolutionized our lives (and saved our vocal chords).

    Bless you.

  6. I LOVE the doorbell idea! Very clever. Lisa~