Paid in Full giveaway

Waid's adoption is paid in full, as we just paid the visa bill with the airline tickets on it. (We'll do another giveaway when Wes's loan is paid.)
 So, in celebration, I am giving away a great family Christmas activity, to celebrate the birth of our Savior, who paid our sin debt in full!!!
The symbol of the Jesse tree comes from Isaiah 11:1   "There shall come forth a shoot from the stump of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of his roots."
The devotions start the 1st Sunday of Advent.  Each day (page) has a leaf or "ornament"  that goes with that days devotional.  You read the verses, the summary on the page, talk about it, and color the "ornament".  The "ornament" is then put on the fold-out tree poster found in the book. 

We alter this to make it work for us.  I copy the "ornaments" onto card stock-- enough for every kid. Each kid paints his own Christmas tree on poster board the week before we start the devotions.  After the devotion each day, the kid decorates his "ornament" with markers, glitter glue, etc., then put them on his tree.  We hang the poster trees on doors around the house.
I wish I could find the picture of our finished trees from last year. This is a small book, nothing as grand as some blog giveaways, but I think it is worth it's weight in gold.
I love it BECAUSE, like the scripture eggs at Easter, after a few times, the kids can tell you what the symbols stand for, so it is hiding the word in their hearts.
There are also versions for older kids, making the ornaments out of felt; I hope to graduate to that version in a few years.
TO ENTER: just post a comment about something your family does to help the littles remember Bible stories, verses, etc.
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I'll put all the names in a bowl and draw a winner out on Nov. 1st, and get the book to you in plenty of time for you to figure out the best way to use it for your family. 


  1. What a great way to celebrate Advent! We love Advent here!

    This is not creative, but we are using a chart of 25 verses that we are learning. The first time they say a verse to me, they are allowed to put a dot by that verse, under their name. The second time they say it correctly (on a different day), they may put a sticker over the dot. When they all have learned all 25 verses (probably in the spring), we promised to take them bowling.

  2. What a great idea. We learn a different Bible passage in our morning time for school. Right now we are working on Titus 2:8-3:11 because our pastor is teaching on this. It is a hard passage and we have been on it for awhile.

    The kids also learn verses at CBS.

  3. Yay!!! Can you hear me all way from NC? Yep, that screaming is me!! Im am so excited that you are paid off!!! Congrats! Having about to be 6 children and having them all be 2 years apart, I have tried many things. My oldest is almost 16 and my youngest, although not home yet is about to be 6. As I really sought the Lord over this over the years I feel like He gave me something that is great for our family and keeps the check the box mentality away. First I need to make sure that I am prayed up and in the Word often. No criteria about what time of day, how long or all that jargon...rather my heart needs to be steadfast after my Lord! In this I am more aware and discerning about taking advantage of EVERY.SINGLE.OPPORTUNITY....that the Lord brings my way with all my children. Its that old saying that says "stike while the iron is hot." Just taking those opportunities to teach about how the Lord and others dealt with things...in the good and bad. Im not one to sugar coat things for my children. Well the iron is hot often in a larger family and many people are listening.....and many people are watching..watching me. I try to live like I would to a person who isnt saved....be the only Bible that people may see. While I am NOT the Bible, I can live my life in a way that draws others closer not farther away from my precious saviour and be ready in all seasons to give a reason for my future and my hope. No magical formula...just a heart attitude that goes beyond checking the box. This is what has produced much fruit in my life as well as my childrens life. Imperfect, yet perfect for us!

  4. Advent!
    Very Episcopalian (which we are...) Have done the Jesse tree at Sunday school or as part of the children's sermons in the past. Lately, we have just had to make-do with Advent calendars and lighting the wreath. (Mom is not as organized as she used to be! LOL!)

  5. Very happy for you guys, that you are paid-in-full. What a neat idea to have a giveaway for being paid in full! I am a follower and would love to enter the giveaway. I just started having my children memorize verses this year, when I got the book One Hundred Verses Every Christian Should Know. I know, bad mommy! So far, we have been printing them in large font off the computer, laminating them and taping them to the door so you have to stop and read one or two whenever you come to the garage door. I also gave a copy to each child to keep with them for handy use. We do a Draw-To-Learn Proverbs devotional too. This is helping them learn important verses from Proverbs. This is by the Notgrass Company and we LOVE it!

  6. How awesome that you are paid in full. Such a wonderful journey to witness!

    The best way we learn Bible verses is through song, either ones they learn at church, at school, on cd's that we have, and making them up, too. We also have a devotion book that we pick up every so often at the breakfast table that carries the same verse from lesson to lesson.

    Suzanne :)

  7. What a great idea. My kids learn different Bible verses for Awana's every week and they also learn verses for CBS.

  8. Okay- Great! Thanks for letting me know about this!!

    We listen to Sing the Word from A to Z by the Harrow Family. The kids love the songs and sing along even when it is just the instrumental part of the CD! It has helped me to learn verses too!

    I have such a hard time remembering verses that I was feeling like the kids would struggle at it too- I was so wrong. If they can learn The Lord's Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance they can learn bible versus, too!

    We are getting started on it NOW!