Frugal Friday

(once again blogger will not let me post a pic, having to post thru email)
We met friends at the park this morning and had a great time.  Then when we were all hot and sweaty, we went to S*m's.  Got our free cookie (great discipline tool) and a coke, and our bulk groceries.  We do this about 1x a month.
After naptime, we did the P*blix run.  Yes, they are expensive, but NOT if you only buy the BOGO's and specials!  Don't go hungry, and do not buy anything that is not BOGO or on special.  DH has been doing the P*blix run lately, so it's been a while since I've actually seen the savings and been able to get excited about it!
The waffles were BOGO, at $1.99 for the  two.  Notice the coupon is for $2 off on 2.........they PAID ME 1 cent to take these waffles home!!!!!
I also got :
^^bagels 2/$4, $1 coupon
^^10 Totino pizza's for $10
^^Viola freezer skillet meals BOGO, $4.70 for the 2, add a salad, some bread--VIOLA, a cheap meal!
^^Pillsb*ry ready to bake cookies- 3 for $6, coupon for $1 off 2, making them $1.50 for a pack of 24; making them 6 cents a piece, for a little taste-like-homemade goodness.
^^Silk was 2/$5, I had $2 coupons, each Silk was 50 cents.
^^Chef Boy ravioli, 2 for  $1.75; thats lunch for 4 kids for $1.75, plus some bananas
^^They also had salad, canteloupe, and fresh corn on special.
^^ ANd diet cokes, 3 cases, get 1 free, total $12====cheaper than S*m's!!!! 
I got multiples of many of the deals above, total of 51 items.
I spent $73.55, SAVED $68.39!!!!!! 


  1. Whoa!
    That is some serious savings!
    Unfortunately, we only have one real grocery store here...it is a super W@al-m@rt. Ugh. Nearest Publix is over an hour away.

  2. Great savings! Wish we had a Publix here!

  3. Janet will you be my personal shopper? ;)

  4. You are very good at being frugal!!!