Frugal Friday and observations

Frugal Friday--I got nothin for ya, but these cuties in outfits from the last thrift store

Can you see the Beige shapes on the table?  This is what Waid played with in part of school time.  He does very good at clean up time, and tries his best to clean up.  I saw that he was following directions, and cleaning up.
Upon closer inspection, I found this.  He cannot see the beige pieces on the beige table to clean them up. 
Here he is inspecting some oversized dominoes.
See how close he has to hold it to see the dots.

And last but not least.  Wed. in Waid's physical therapy evaluation, he was given scissors, and though I bet he had never seen scissors before, he was able to make a few cuts after being shown how.  I made a mental note that cutting would be a great thing for him to work on at the kitchen table while I am working on lunch or dinner.
So today, I tried it out. 
As you know, he is kid number SIX, and none of the other FIVE have ever cut hair.
I turned around just in time to see him give himself a small bald spot.  He was not even trying to, was just holding the scissors close to his head, while looking at the paper, and ....snip.  At least it is not very noticeable.
 I guess I have now lost my "perfect mother" status.


  1. Hilarious!

    Little Sister cut her cat's hair and her own hair right after Little Brother was born, and you know how she told me? She said, "Angel got a haircut, and it didn't even hurt."

    What???? Sure enough, she had her a little beauty parlor going on out on the back porch.

  2. All of my children have cut their hair...and Im sure you are the perfect mom....perfect for your children that is!!

  3. Three out of four have cut their hair at one time or another. My daughter even did it twice. The last time so bad we had to give her a bowl cut to try to fix it.

  4. That is so sweet- he did such a great job picking up but then couldn't see the beige pieces. What a great effort!!

    We just had a recent scissor experience too! Of all 9 children it was our 2nd (Billy cut his hair when he was about 4-5 yrs old). Emma cut her American Girl dolls hair- it was just the curly bangs on Felicity. I'a sure she thought they'd grow back BUT they won't!!