Tb or not Tb--that is the question

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When we left Guangzhou, with our positive Tb test, but clear chest X-ray, I thought that was the end of it.   OH CONTRARE!!!
The pediatrician referred us to the health dept., because Tb is a public health issue, they track it, and treatment would be free.
Health Dept. wants to put Waid on meds for 9 months--gasp--
I was blind sided by all this, and need time to research.  What I've learned so far:
**disclaimer: I am not a Dr., nor do I play one on TV**
^Asians have a higher incidence of false positives.
^In my talk with the HD, all info was based on Waid NOT having the BCG vaccine, because it was not listed on his immigration paperwork.
^ I later found on Chinese paperwork that he DID have the BCG vaccine!
^BCG vaccine recipients have a higher incident of false positives.
^A positive test (if truely positive) only means that at some point Waid was exposed to Tb.
^He is not a carrier (doesn't work that way with Tb), and is not a risk to anyone else.
^There is a slim chance, that if Waid has any dormant Tb germies in his system they could become active later in life, like when he is old and feeble.
^There is a special "gold" test that supposidly will tell, without a doubt, if Waid needs to be treated.
^That "gold" test is only deemed reliable by certain sources, after the age of 5.
SOOOOOOOOO, what are we doing??????????
Nothing.  He turns 5 in Nov.  We will then get the "gold" test, and go from there.
In the meantime I will research the drug more.  It has been around since 1915, but, as with almost any drug, primary use is on adults.  I am not convinced that 9mo of drugs in a 35lb body is a good thing, considering the VERY small chance that Tb would ever occur.  I think of drugs like accutaine---supposidly the acne wonder drug of the 1990's, now look at all the lawsuits and after effects that are just now showing up.


  1. This mirrors our story. We just started the 9-month treatment last week on our 28lb 4 year old. I was not aware of the test. She also had the vaccine but spent so much time in the hospital that due to the size of the reaction to the tb test, the pediatrician feels that she was exposed to tb. Who knows? I just know this is going to be a huge pain in the hiney for me and for her. The pills have to be split, crushed and hidden every day. The up side to this, she gets two bites of ice cream every evening.;)

  2. All your pics are presh! What a fun way to spend the day: at the zoo!

  3. I hope he doesn't ACTUALLY have TB. That would suck!

  4. Oh what a pain. It is hard to determine what is drama and what is real. You almost have to get a medical education yourself to really know what to do. Prayer works though. :) So sorry you have to deal with it. Lisa~