First time

What do these 2 pics have in comon--besides being sideways (my tech support is at work)??  Dubby and Waid both have skint heads.  Waid's does not show up much in the pic, but believe me, he has a goose egg, and scratch.  Today was the 1st time Waid got on Dubby, and the 1st time Dubby bucked off Waid, forward, landed on the driveway with his head.  He is one tough cookie, only cried for a minute.  But it makes me sad to know that he is so accustomed to falling and hitting his head, that he gets over it that quick.  It has also made me wonder what might show up on a CT scan if we ever get one...that little head has taken alot of abuse.

This is another 1st.  First time we played with Sophie and Jax at the Park.  We had a great time.

More pics later, when my camera battery is charged, and maybe an update on Waid's Dr. visit later tonight.

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