What hotel NOT to stay in

Holiday Inn Shifu.  I picked it because I could not afford the Garden this trip, White Swan is a rip off, and Victory West is closed for construction.  I knew there was Pizza Hut, McD, Dominoes, and KFC if you dare eat it, all on the walking St, and Lucy's or a sandwich at Starbucks is the only option on the island--for those of us who do not eat Chinese.  OHHHHH how I hate it, let me count the ways..........
1. towels are dollar store quality
2. vessel sink- water swirls around and spills out the other side, washing my face, water is dripping off elbows into the floor, everytime sink is used, we end up with water everywhere.
3.  Internet is NOT free, as implied on their website, only free in lobby---if you can figure out how to connect--I just spent 30 min with 3 different workers to get connected.
4.  I at first was thrilled to see a handicapped bathroom in the lobby--because I know we and the stroller will fit in it, and it's private so I am not starred at by all as I try to get Waid to go, and the privat room can be used if discipline is needed.....but....it looks clean, but stinks to high heaven.
5. the room fridge has no ice compartment so I can make ice in water bottles.  Yes, you can get housekeeping to bring ice, that is supposidly made from boiled water, but I prefer to make my own.,.....then I am certain it is safe.
6.  For breakfast, I have figured out that I can put banana, yogurt, bowl of peaches, bowl of watermelon, in stroller canopy....I ask for my eggs in a bowl, so I can also carry them in this manner.  Then I get a plate, fill it up, and balance my juice on the plate, as I push a stroller with one hand to the table......do you think the many wait staff have offered to carry anything for me????  NO!!! This morning I finally asked for the manager, and sweetly explained my frustration.
7.  At breakfast, they try to seat me in the back 40, as happens at many hotels here....I just stop and sit where I want.
8.  The main lobby is on 4th floor, because there are shops underneath.  The entrance is about a 20 x 15 area with elevators up to the lobby, there are doormen downstairs.  There is not a ramp for strollers (it would cost all of $20 to build one), and the steps are such that I cannot Pop a wheelie to get in, there for I have to get the guys to lift the stroller.  They conveniently are always standing around looking the other way, and I have to get their attention for help---everytime.
9.  The area is extremely noisy, we hear alot of noise until very late at night, I would compare it to staying in NYC--only worse.  The puppies from the "pet" market below wake us up everymorning with the yelping.
10. The internet in the room--which I am charged for is spotty-- I only see blobs while skyping.
Aaannnndddd, after an incident yesterday, you could not pay me to stay here again.
**Please know that I am not a high maintenance chick, and am generally easy to please.
I had to pick up some laundry (once in GZ, do the undies, and let a shop on the island do the closthes for under $1 per item) after 5.  It was starting to rain, so I asked the door guy to get me a taxi.  I understand they do not like short fares, but the ones that are "allowed" to park outside the hotel should understand that they have to take the fare no matter how short.  I told the door guy I needed to go to the WHite Swan, as the shop I use is right next to it.  He says "no, short walk, you walk" ( you guys know I am not afraid to do some walking), I told him it is starting to rain.  He says borrow umbrella from upstairs.  I said I have an umbrella (showing him my itty bitty one), he says upstairs they have big ones, go get umbrella, you walk.  Excuse me---but if I am a paying customer and I want you to get me a taxi to the next building--you should do it!  Anyhow--I held my tongue-went to get umbrella, and walked, thinking, fine, I'll get a taxi back, and can get the extra suitcase while I am there.  So we tackle the bridge with 2 flights of stairs up, and down, once again.
Get the stuff, and guess what....not taxi will pick me up, 1 did stop, but told me NO.
SOOOO, I put the backpack in the luggage, and the luggage in the stroller, which did not make Waid happy.  When we get to the bridge, I use the shoulder strap on the stroller to carry it, holding Waid's hand, and carry the suitcase in the other hand.  I takes us about a year to get across----it's rush hour, people everywhere, no one offers to help.  Oh--- aside from the bridge, we are also carrying the umbrella all this way. 
When we finaly get back to the hotel, I gave that doorman a piece of my mind.  I cam upstairs to return the umbrella. He wants my reciept, even though he has his copy in hand.  I asked does he really need it?--or course.  I get the backpack out of the luggage, flinging it on the counter....pull out the laundry, wipes, little umbrella, Waid's change of clothes, sippy cup, etc, piling it on their counter, to get to the receitpt in the bottom of the backpack.  I think I am scarring them by now.  I asked for the manager, told them about the doorman, lack of help at breakfast, etc.  Of course I got a huge apology " on belhalf of everyone"--but I told him he should not have to be apologizing on their behalf, because the behavior should have never happened in the 1st place.
And do you think they helped me at breakfast this morning????  NO- not until I asked for the breakfast manager.
They do have nice comforters and pillows though;)
Thanks for letting me rant.  Those of you who have been here, know that you're ready to scream the last couple of days. 
And now for some insight....... last night on the island, there was a couple making wedding pics, a Chinese woman, and a black man; and she was pregnant.  I asked Jordan about it, and yes, it is very frowned upon.  I asked him aout whites marrying Chinese, it's frowned on, but not nearly as much as the blacks.  Which it was our 3rd trip before we even saw a black person here.  Suprisingly, I have seen about 20 here in GZ.  SOOOOOO anyway, my mind gets to churning, perhaps ther reason I have gotten noticeably much less respect this trip, is because I do not have a man with me, and the people presume that I am married to a Chinese man--since I have a Chinese kid with me---just  a thought.


  1. They put is in the Back 40 at the WS-literally in the dark. I think it was because our boy was 4-1/2 years old and we ate early, at 5:30 or 6:00. They didn't want him disturbing the adult diners.

  2. Janet I am SO proud of you. I would have been in a puddle of TEARS, I tell ya. I was almost crying reading your post.
    Will you go to China with me next time? ;)
    That hotel sounds like the pits and I cannot wait for you to get HOME! Praying specifically now, friend.