I am at the Golden Ocea.  Though I try not to be a complainer, I know how important it is to inform other families travelling here.  So here goes---as you know my unternet did not work in the 1st room.  The bathroom  is great and has a large shower and nice tub.  It has a drinking water spicket--however mine does not work.  My bathroom plug does not work--at least not for my straightener.  I know I am using the right plug, because I had already checked it in the 1st room and it worked.  So to straighten my hair I have go to the "foyer" mirror, comb a section of hair, go around the corner to tv wall, and use my straightener there, repeat about 10x......and the foyer light does not work, so I am doing this in dim light.  My computer plug that worked in the 1st room, does not work here, but they brought me a plug strip that works.  Soooo--if you come here and have any special plug needs, medical equipment, or things that are a must--check to make sure the appropriate plugs work before you unpack. 
The safe is not attached to anything---so just walk away with it!  The beds are hard as usual in Ch8na, but not painfully hard.  The curtains look nice, but are dryrotted, I heard a little rip when I pulled them closed (don't tell anyone). 
The breakfast is nice enough, but fewer American options than any place we've stayed (8 China hotels so far).  There is toast, a few pastry, yogurt, about 7 fresh fruit---of course  I cannot risk eating them, but they have had canned peaches.  Lots of Chinese options --fried rice is the only one I personally will eat.  There is an egg/omelet chef that cooks to order.  Lukewarm milk and several juices to drink, and a few dry cereals to choose from.
Staff is trying to be very nice, but I've only found 1 girl that can really understand me.  She had to be found when I was wanting a taxi to the Ancient Architectual Street. 
Nothing worth putting up a fuss over (except the internet), I've stayed nicer places, I ve stayed worse places -----just though inquiring minds would want to know.

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  1. This inquiring mind is soaking it all in! ;0)