Got Him!!

I got Waid about 9:30 this morning (your Sunday evening 8:30 at home).  He is a little angel.  While sitting in the bank lobby, he was in my lap facing me, and several times just leaned forward and hugged me tight :-).  He will not let me put him down, I could hold my arms out, and he would still be attached.  He is a big boy--will weigh and measure tonight at bathtime, can't wait to see how he compares to the other kids measurements.  4 bottom teeth are missing, which makes me question his age.  Emmi and Wes just lost 2 bottom teeth in March at age 6, and almost 6.  But of course, his teeth could be gone due to rot.
He is napping now, but did explore the hotel room pretty freely.  He walks like a toddler just learning how.  He picks up rt foot, bends it at the knee, and stomps, then takes a normal step with his left.  He has felt his way around the furniture.  Several times when climbing onto the couch, he pats it, like to make sure it is a solid surface.  From the couch, he could see the coffee table enough to feel for the edge, then put his sippy cup on it.  He holds the toys 2 inches from his good eye.  I do not think he could make out the pictures in his picture book, which we blew up to 8.5x11 paper.  The nightstand has a light under it, and I only had one overhead light on, curtains were pulled.  He was able to tell there was light down there, and squatted down to look at it. 
When I took him to the potty, he went when I told him to----yeah!, does not have on undies though!
Unlike most of these kids who gorge themselves, he only are a few goldfish and a few bites of noodles for lunch.  He did eat the crackers alone, I had to feed him the noodles. He did fine with his cup and liked apple juice. 
When he wakes up we are going to walk around the hotel a little.  I have the word "walk" in g*ogle translator.  I want to see if he will walk holding my hand, or if I will need a stroller.  I think he was carried all the time, but it may just be a security thing.  I just know I can't carry 30+ pounds everywhere 24-7 for the next 2 weeks.
He is so handsome.  I keep starring at his profile.  We have looked at his pictures for over a year now, but never seen him in profile. 
Please keep praying for us--he's easy so far=)


  1. Congratulations-glad everything is going well so far.

  2. Congratulations!!!

  3. I'm so happy for you guys!! Congratulations on your new addition!! Thank you for letting us follow along on your journey. I look forward to reading more about what God has in store for this newest treasure of yours.