Going, going, gone

Today, we tied up all the loose ends, went over schedules, grocery lists, school stuff, etc.  Each child made a paper chain to count down the days until I am back home with Waid.  I thought I might be able to write an awe inspiring, eloquent post today, but have simply run out of time.
God has moved mountains for this adoption, we know He is in control and His timing is perfect.  Thank you, to all who have been prayer warriors and those who donated funds to Waid's adoption.  What a difference in his life you have made!
Please keep praying for us--this next two weeks will be hard on everyone. Kiddos and mommy who have never been away from each other, now will have 2 weeks to endure.  David will do a wonderful job, I am sure, but will have some extra emotions to deal with as the kids miss me.
I will be missing them too.  After I leave in the morning, I have about 22 hours travelling, then another 40+ hours until I get Waid.  I have not been alone that long since---um --probably not ever, certainly not in the last 18 years.  I will have lots to do, but me missing my kiddos and hubby terribly.
Next post from Tianjin Ch*na!

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  1. Hope all goes well and you are home with a happy larger family before you know it!