Day 4 breakthrough

What is it about day 4----with each adoption, after day 3, we would see changes.  After yesterday evening, I did not think we would have a magic day 4.  After Waid woke up from napping, he just laid on the bed for over an hour, whinng on and off.  I sat with him a long time, rubbing his back.  He had several episodes of suddenly flopping onto the floor in a puddle and sobbing.  He did a little better eating--a coffee cup full of noodles, and a whole can of coconut milk.
So- this magic morning, he was still droopy while I was getting ready.  He came to the door at time to go, and let me open the door and get the backpack before he wanted me to pick him up---baby steps.  I got our food, toating 35lb spidey boy, he voluntarily sat in his chair, and ---gasp--let me feed him an entire ladel of congee (puree type rice stuff- a China baby staple).  I had only gotten one ladelful, thinking he would not eat it, and it is frowned upon to waste food.  So mid breakfast Waid says he has to poop--great--but it is about time-day 4.  So I tell the hostess (pointing to child and saying the potty word), she points me in the direction, and I hope they don;t clear our table while we're gone. After the potty, I take him by the hand, and guess what--Spidey boy WALKS back to breakfast!!!!  I take advantage of this moment to go get more congee--two ladels this time.  He polished it off as well as a large sippy cup of apple juice. 
As we were going for the congee, our guide said goodmorning.  Being the observant guy that he is--not--he did not even comment on the fact that Spidey boy was walking,  FYI we were on our own yesterday, and the guide did not even call to check on us.I am sure I will not hear from him today, other than a call to tell me what time to be ready in the morning. 
After breakfast, we WALK around the hotel for a bit, and back to the room!!
The words that he truly understands in English are: car (and knows it goes beep beep), dog, ball, up and thank you.  He will say these totally on his own and with the Chinese word for it.  He will repeat shoe, window, drink, mama, Waid, shirt.
We will be playing in the room most of the day, a little laundry, pack up to leave in the morning.  Looks like there will be no cokes today; I'm out and it's raining.  We'll be having PBJ for lunch, and oatmeal for supper=).


  1. Wow.
    Your guide sounds like a real charmer...must be related to the guide I had for Sarah Ying.

  2. Can't wait to see pics!! Thanks for all the updates~!