Adventure woman wears out Merrels

First let me tell you about Waid's progress.  Now he WANTS to get in the stroller, even sits in it in the room, which is good, but I need hime to walk more.  So whenever he is out of, like at breakfast, I make hime walk some.  He fights me, drops to the floor, etc....big drama, with everyone looking.  But once he gets going, he really does quite well.  He's gotta realize that I love him, but his days of being a little emporer are over.  Despite all the stares, I am trying to work with him as much as possible.....I guess they think, here in Ch*na, that blind people never need to know how to walk.
And a note about the term "blind".  At a certian vision number on that 20/20 scale thing, you are considered blind.  Almost all blind people do see something, light, shadows, big blurs, etc.....I just wanted people to know I am not being decieving when I say that he is blind....he is somewhere on the scale of blindness.
Soooo today we were on our own, and set out to a fabric market. We took a taxi there.  It's pronounced High-Ying material market.  It's about the size of a large JCP store, but 4 floors.  One floor was only silk, one only drapery, 1 mostly cotton, and one a little of everything.  Now I knew this would be a good trip to check out this place, as my hubby and other kids would never let me drag them thru such a place, for hours on end.  Waid snacked, played, and strolled happily.  I bought some dress fabric for the girls and some tiny houndstooth for boy pants.  Since I sew so many of their clothes, this was fun for me.  Some of the fabric was only 10y per meter =about $1.50!  I had to contol myself though!
The inside was divided up into little booths.  Some of the workers acted like I had 3 heads, others were friendly, giving me thier salespitch and assuring me it was "very best quality".
There was an area of custom tailors where you could get a mans dress shirt for 280y plus fabric= about $40.  My big splurge was hot pink quilts for the girls.  They are machine stiched, but still, 100y!!!!= about $14!!!  I figured they can always have pink in their room, and still cange color schemes over the years. 
We started walking back, along the way we got a banana and snickers bar for lunch=).  They walk was further than I thought---1 1/2 hour to Shamain Island to pick up laundry.  So even though, my Merrels may need new tread, it worked out great, because Waid went to sleep. 
We got a drink, picked up laundry, and took a potty break and rest at the WS hotel.  Then we set out to go back to our hotel.  I decided Waid had been in the stroller too long already, so after our rest, I did not let him get back in it.  He was not happy, had a few "puddle in the floor" incidents, but at least he cries quietly and does not kick and scream=).  Once he got going, he did great.  He walked all the way from the WS to the bridge.  Just before crossing, I got some M&Ms.  I then proceeded to bribe him across the bridge, street, the next street...etc.  He wanted to hold onto the stroller at one point; and I would let him at home, but there are too many bumps along the way here, and I want him to learn trust = if you have moma's hand, you are safe.
After such a nutricious lunch, I think we must have Pizza Hut for supper!
I hope to find the time soon to give a hotel critique.


  1. Great job on Wade and of course your shopping spree :)

  2. awesome for you to be consistent with Wade even though you get the "looks!" May you continually be encouraged and Im excited for you and your super good bargains at the fabric store!!

  3. Do you mean to say that Snickers (which have nuts) and bananas are not a nutritious meal? Sounds like you're making progress.