Adventure woman and Spidey boy

Waid is asleep.  This is long, may even take 2 posts, but I must include all the details for you to get the whole effect.  If I had not lived it, I would not believe it. 
Background note--the guide that brought me in from Beijing told me it was too far to walk to/from W*l Mart, especially in this heat.  Maybe she meant "Large American spoiled woman would never make it"---she obviously doesn't know me.
Adventure woman set out to W*alMart to buy a stroller for Spidey boy, who has amazing body climbing and clinging to abilities.  We took a taxi from the hotel---easy, because the hotel guy gets the taxi for us.  At WM I get a buggy, peel Spidey boy off me forcibly sit him in the buggy with my backpack.....he stand hugging my front as we stroll--but it works.  He eventually sits or squats, holding on to my hand.  We get to the stroller sectiona and pick one out, don't know if we get the one on display or one in a box, can't find anyone for help (yes, even in Ch*na).  It's the only one I see, and of course if I leave it there, someone will surely get it.  i got to fold it and put it in the buggy, I can;t figure out how to fold it...so I am pushing buggy and stroller, with Spidey boy clinging......did I mention that buggies in Ch*na have all wheel steering--the go sideways and everything.  I Stalk down a young lady ( the younger ones usually have a little English) she tells me to take the display, she can't fold it either.  She suggests to put Waid in it, and put my other purchases in the stroller--yeh right--she doesn't know Spidey boy.  I try, he fights, I tell her to tell Waid to be good and sit in the stroller---she tells him IN ENGLISH --I say-no--he speaks Chinese------. Anyway, I put him back into the buggy with force, and she finally gets the stroller folded.  Keep in mind that half of China is in WM, starrin at Adventure woman like she has 3 heads. 
Now we proceed to the shoe dept.  Waid's shoes are croc-material, that were worn out about a year ago.  I had to get him out of the buggy, sit him on the floor, to try on shoes.  Found a fit, and go to put his old shoes back on.  He kicks and flails because--of course--he wants the new shoes.  I put them in the box and let him hold them, then -again-with force, put him in the buggy,  We get thru the checkout, and a move forward a bit to get my cokes, and shoes into my backpack.  I was not going to put Waid in the stroller--because I have to catch a taxi.  So I carry him, a backpack and a strolloer down the escalator to the street. 
We get outside and it is verrrry crowded, I look at the time, it's rush hour--Adventure woman did not think about that.  We t-r-y to get a taxi, one guy says no after I show him the adress.  Another guy just looks at me and says no.  The hotel is not a big fare for them, or is it that they dont want to mess with a woman, a kid, and all that stuff? FINE- we'll start walking, and maybe the taxi's will be friendlier down the road where it is not as crowded.  So I set out, carring 35lb Spidey boy, a backpack, and a stroller.....not wanting to open the stroller, there is still hopes of catching a taxi. 
Then it starts raining those HUGE drops of rain.  I have an umbrella, in the bottom of the backpack....do you think Adventure woman can carry 35lb Spidey boy, a backpack, a stroller AND an umbrella??????  Some things are impossible even for Adventure woman.
There is a side of a dept store with about a 5 foot overhang that is about 20 feet up.  And there is a step running along the side of the building for us to sit on (God provides).  So we have a seat, along with 300 hundred friends who just got off of the city bus.  Now it's a steady rain....wait.....what's that......HAIL!?!???!?!  Yes, for about 10min, pea size to marble size hail.  We sat in the rain for 30 min, then it stopped. 
 After 2 more taxi attempts, I knew we would have to walk. I got out the stroller, forcibly put Waid in it ( I mean Spidey boy) who is still climbing me as I hold him down to buckle him in.  Put the back pack under the stroller and off we go.  Adventure woman has an excellent sense of direction, and had purposefully noted the landmarks along the route to WM----knowing there would be a chance of walking back. 
We head out, since there was a flash flood, now all the intersections are flooded at the sidewalks..black water...ankle deep at the good spots---thank you Lord for Teva sandals.
So much of the drama is past,and we just need to proceed home.  I had to pick up the stroller (containing 35lb. spidey boy) and carry it across a few small rivers.  We did encounter a few blocks where there was massive machinery replacing pipelines under the sidewalk, and massive amounts of mud was there.  And since there was no sidewalk, I am walking down the muddy road with all the crazy bikes, scooters, and cars.  At this point I ignore horns and mosey along, they won't hit me--it would dent their car! 
The flood cooled things off a bit, and there was a nice breeze, we walked 45 minutes.  It was 3:30 when I left, and 7:11 when we got home....all for some cokes and a stroller. Waid was content, and I needed the excercise. 
Stay tuned--next Adventure Woman walks a full hour.


  1. I laughed my head off! We couldn't get a taxi back to the hotel in Beijing once, even with my guide asking them. They said it wasn't far enough. We probably got the fourth or fifth guy to help us out, but did have to move to a different tax queue. And you're right-even though cars have the right of way in China-they don't want to dent their car! I could picture the whole scene; you're too funny :-)

  2. Hi, Janet my name is Leslie Prince and I am from Wetumpka. Our family is in the EFCA Homechool group and Maretta told me a little about you and your family. I spoke with David the day you left for China and I have been following your blog since then. We are friends with the Thomas Family (SleeplessinThomasville, and I thought I had seen your name (as followers) on their blog. You are such an encouragement. I am praying for you, Waid, and your family.

  3. Adventure Woman, I am SO proud of you! I think you need to be re-named AMAZING woman!
    Seriously, I can just picture it all. And I'm praying for you and Waid! I love reading your posts!

  4. Oh my word! U R KILLING me with these hilarious updates!!! We are praying for you!!! You are doing a good job, hang in there!!