God moves mountains----

We know he does, we have seen it before! But honestly, it has been tough recently to not let our hearts grow weary and be discouraged. I will not go into all the details--if you feel you need them you may email me; but we have had ALOT of things going on here in the past 3 months. The devil has worked overtime to bring us down, and attacked us from every angle to keep us from bringing Waid home. We know that when God starts a good work, he is faithful to complete it! Friends, please pray that somehow, the funds will appear to complete Waid's adoption. We need approximately $14,000 in the next 2-4 weeks. I surely do not think it is God's will to leave this little blind boy as an orphan. Trusting in His faithfulness!

Picture - We were blessed to be able to meet Waid when we were in China for Wes.

Update on what exactly is needed or at least as exact as we can predict. We must pay in country travel fees when we receive Travel Approval. This includes in-country airfare, hotels and guide services. Janet will not be site seeing to help save on costs. Should receive TA July 8th-15th time frame. $6400.00 is needed by this date. We have enough saved to pay for travel to China, Janet will be traveling alone. I will stay home with the littles which will save $4000-$8000 depending on airfare costs. Then, before the travel day we will need approximately $6800.00 for in-country fees and orphanage donation ($5000). We have already paid $6000.00 agency fee plus all U.S. and paperwork fees. When we started the paper chase for Waid we knew we were stepping out on faith as we were still in the paper chase for Wes.
Additional info. Both Wes and Waid's files were about to be returned to China which usually means they are unadoptable and do not make it back on the list. We just could not stand the thought of that happening. We are trusting God to provide the funds. We have applied for grants and have not received any response as of 06/30/10. One will not even be reviewed until October and another does not have any funds available. Thank you in advance for your prayers and support. We have a link on the top right of this blog for tax deductible donations.


  1. Praying for God to move mountains to meet your financial need to bring Waid home. I found your page through A Place Called Simplicity and am agreeing with you in prayer. We're about to submit our paperwork for a 2nd SN needs adoption. Our paperwork is going through the Chinese Embassy now and we hope to be DTC soon. I know how you feel about the enemies attacks, we've had a few in the past couple months as we have been paper chasing. Just wanted you to know that we are agreeing with you in prayer.

  2. Anonymous8:39 AM

    We are lifting you and your family up in prayer to bring sweet Waid home. He is Faithful, Awe-inspiring and Amazing! All things are possible with Him.
    The Muzzys