Happy Easter

Took about 10 pics this morning--this is as good as it gets.
I hope you had a glorious day in the house of the Lord celebrating Jesus's resurrection today! DH is on night shift, but we are doing our Resurrection Eggs tonight. This is the 1st time I've used the eggs with the littles, may have to compress it a little so I do not lose their interest. The littles got a small sand bucket of goodies and a Connect Four game to share. As with Christmas, we want to keep the treats to a minimum and teach the truths of this day.....no bunnies here!

It is a beautiful day here. We were enjoying time outside yesterday, until I discover a 3+foot snake in our midst. Luckily the man across the street was home, I sent Emmi to get him, and he killed the snake for us. I've had to kill them before, but I'd rather leave it to the men folk!!!
Thank you for continuing to stop by my blog. I would love to post every day like Lori or Lynn or so many of the others that I enjoy reading...but I just can't. Lately, by the time I sit down at night, my brain is too fried to make post anything that makes sense. BUT--I do love it--could not imagine being an (almost) empty nester and not having these little treasures keeping me busy! Thank you Jesus!

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  1. Happy Easter to your family too! Love the matching outfits!!