Chinese Kids at America's Favorite Past-time

Once per season, the power company gives tickets to a B*ron's baseball game to all employees. So we packed a bag and took the 3 littles. Ya know when they are little, you can get away with taking in snacks and sippy cups. A pizza place was there with $5 large pizza's, but DH and I did have to splurge for our Diet C*ke's. So for around $10, we a big night on the town.
Emmi had lots of fun watching the mascots.

Wes was thrilled that Daddy caught a frisbee for him.

Avery took about an hour to eat that piece of pizza, and had fun, except when she thought the mascots were coming our way.
DH thought there were to be fireworks, so we endured til the end of the game. There was never an announcement, and no sign of fireworks for a few minutes after the game, so we left. Just as we got to the car, the fireworks began, which was fine, because we were parked right by the fireworks "field".
Speaking of parking lots.....I guess we are officially a big family, with a big van. The people directing traffic into the parking lots, directed us to the bus parking lot! There we were, next to the church mini-busses, and big busses too. But I do love my big van, and am so very thankful for it!!

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