Big Boy Home

Jake came home this weekend! He is on the Dean's List, and loving school. He is still growing, and is now 6'4", looks like he will pass his daddy! He will be home for a week in May, then work at the college all summer.

The littles are loving the weather (me too). They also love these sunglasses that were in their goody bucket from church last Sunday.
A few funnies to share.......
Since I am the shortest big person in the family, I am often teased about being short. Emmi has gotten in on some of the conversations, and knows that she will probably be short like me; based on her current build, and the fact that she is Ch*nese. The other day, our neighbor was trimming hedges next to the fence. Some of the trimmings were falling over into our yard. Emmi was talking to the neighbor as she worked. Our neighbor asked Emmi if she would be a "big girl" and hand her the pieces that fell in our yard. Emmi told her "no, Ch*nese people do not get very big"!! The neighbor thought for a minute, and rephrased the question--"can you be my helper and hand me those pieces?"
Same neighbor, a few days later..... I was talking to the neighbor in the yard, and Emmi was ready to go inside. There were flowers on the ground that fell from a blooming bush. Emmi picked up the flowers and made our neighbor a pathway of petals to her back door. Then Emmi came and told the lady that she made the path so she could find her way home. Her very subtle way of telling our neighbor to go home.
Lastly, Wes and I were working on his A-B-C's. He is doing very well writing them. We were saying some things that began with the letter as he wrote them....ya know.....D-dog. We got to Q, I was trying to think if there was any Q word that Wes would know and understand. All of the sudden he perked up and said aaQ, aaaQ (like aachooo, aachoooo)-too funny.


  1. Okay so your two kiddos are tall like their dad, but they are splitting images of you. Beautiful family and very smart too!

  2. He is so handsome!!!