Busy Week

1--Wes got his Certificate of Citizenship, now he can get a social security card and passport. When each girl got theirs, there was a nice letter enclosed from President Bush, no such letter from OB*ma--imagine that.
2--Emmi lost a tooth Sunday.
3--Wes lost a tooth Tuesday.

4--Wes lost another tooth Friday (oops-pictures reversed).

5--We got a log in date for Waid's dossier: March 17th.
6--We are selling our house.....lots of reasons combined. We want to lower the mortgage (who doesn't), so that we can adopt as many children as God tells us to. I have a bad knee after falling last year, we are looking for a one level house. Waid is legally blind. Although we expect much can be done here in the US to improve his condition, he may never see "normally", so one level would be a benefit for him too. David has always wanted a bit of land, so maybe we can get that too. We hope to accomplish all of the above by moving a little further away from the big city, which means David will have a longer commute. We are praying that, if it is God's will, our house sells quickly and we find a freat new house that meets all our needs, and maybe a few wants. If it is not God's will, we want doors to close, so we know for sure what to do. Please join us in praying about this matter.

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  1. Great pictures. How come Maile and Makena didn't loose a tooth yet? Your kids are so cute. We pray you sell your house too!