We made it

Got here last night and found the college this morning.

Here's a bad pic of Bob in front of the main entrance. He wonders why his name is all over the place, and who Jones is. Kristen was not happy that Jake snapped this pic in her face---but check out those eyes=).

Bob snuck into the girls dorm !! Who does he think he is??!! Kristen will live in this room, bottom left bunk to be precise. We did not get to meet her roommates, but hope they can stand Kristen! One girl was evidently not through unpacking. The belongings of the other girl were very neat and organized---maybe that will rub off on Kristen. The school only puts one new kids in each room, so the other girls can hopefully show her the ropes.
When we got in the car to leave, Emmi said "When we get to the hotel room, we can do the happy dance!" We all busted out laughing. She reeeeaaally loves Kristen, and has hung on her all last week. We thought Emmi would be bawling today, but she was fine. She did cry herself to sleep Sunday night, guess it's all out of her system now.

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  1. Love Bob! too cute. Ok I do have to say I almost had a heart attack when I read "We made it" I thought for a brief moment you meant China!