Feeling defeated--devil at work--but goal accomplished!

We had an extremely busy week. We had our physicals for Waid's adoption. The first thing out of the lab-tech's mouth was "you know your insurance isn't going to pay for this". This was not said just to inform us of the possible financial obligation to pay for the labwork, but with a smart alec attitude. David told her that insurance had paid for the 1st 3 times. The lab-tech asked a few questions, learning that we are adopting from Ch*na, then proceeded to make comments on how there were kids here in the US that need help....I told DH that he should have asked her how many of them she had helped.
Then on the day of the actual appointment, the notary (who charged $10 per document) was rude about telling DH what county she was comissioned in. Since I had 17 documents to tend to, equalling over 100 pages, excuse me for forgetting which county she said. When I called back to ask, someone else answered the phone and asked her, she YELLED across the room that she had already told us once. Then at my appointment, I told the notary that I was not trying to be difficult, but that we had to know the county, to get the papers authenticated. She was very rude and argumentative, as I tried to explain to her the procedure that we had to follow, she walked away.
As I spent hours making copies, putting 4 copies of all these papers together, to go to 3 counties, and the state capital....the weather man was announcing snow and school closings. It was very important for us to get these papers to the consulate this week, so they can be logged into the CCAA immediatly after we get Wes. I called the capital one last time to double check something, they informed me that they were moving offices and would not accept walk-ins this week. I very politely (while pulling my hair out) told her that I had talked to their office 3x this week and no one mentioned that they would not let me come. So she said I could come, but probably could not wait on the documents, and would probably have to go hang out somewhere for a few hours. Anyway, the snow was not as bad as originally predicted, and we were able to set out on our journey Friday.
We were going to have fun--regardless--and hired Bob to document our journey (pictured above). Many things went wrong as the day proceeded, so this was all the fun that Bob had. Poor Bob was lost somewhere in Montgomery. Our adventure included such things as a gas pump that did not work, but we thought it did, because we started it, then went in to get a coke. A few miles down the road, I realized the needle had not moved. In Montgomery, our credit union gave me a cashier's check made out to the Chiense consulate, could have kicked myself for not double checking--but realized the mistake a few blocks away, downtown, one way streets, limited parking, no change for the meter, did I mention I had 3 kids in tow...who all had to go to the bathroom?
At about 5, I realized we would not be making it home for supper (2 hour drive still ahead), so we stopped at S*nic. Out of the blue, the horn starts honking, a solid blast. I checked the key-fob, cranked the car, put it in gear, thinking I had hit the alarm button, and trying frantically to get it to de-activate. The employees were very annoyed at first, but then felt sorry for us. A man in a car like ours tried to take out a fuse, unhook battery, etc., to no avail. It finally stopped, the man said he smelt a wire burning, and the the horn connection would be burnt out, but everything else should be fine.....we hope.
SOOOOOOO, after leaving our house in 12 degree weather, and getting home 12+ hours later, I am THRILLED to say that our dossier is on it's way to the consulate!!!


  1. Oh My Word!! I do not know how you have any hair left on your head! I am so sorry you had to deal with such rude people! I wonder what is wrong with people sometimes.
    I am so glad you updated though b/c I have been wondering about you. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here on out and your TA will get here very quickly!

  2. Oh my stars, the enemy has been at work to drag you down, hasn't he?! Wow. Good for you to keep plugging away at each tedious step. As you well know, it's so worth it!

  3. Oh Janet! I am so sorry to hear about your troubles!!! When things like this start happening, I ALWAYS tell myself, "KNOW YOUR ENEMY!" Satan's first attack is on the family and he does not want to see your family adopt another child for the Kingdom! I will be praying for you and your family throughout the rest of this process!!!

  4. So sorry you are getting the "attitude" from our state employees. We have faced that on our last two adoptions. Honestly don't know what their problems are about...really got the ugly run-around from them with our last China adoption...even withholding needed paperwork while I was traveling solo in China!!
    Can't understand it.
    What could their motivation possibly be?
    Hope things will be looking up soon,

  5. That is rough! I shouldn't have read your post right before going to bed...now I'm all worked up...hehe!

    I'm sooo glad that you got accomplished what you needed, and that you were persistent. What an ordeal!

  6. Janet, as I read your blog I felt I was there with you. It's only 8:42 a.m. and I'm already tired (Ha!). You handled yourself great knowing God was with you all the way. Good luck to Kristen and Jake.