Boys room and craft room

Here is a look at the trim in the boys room. I had planned on priming and painting it today, but hurt my knee, and did not need to be going up and down the ladder. I have looked at the calendar, and the room itself will probably not get painted until after Thankdsgiving=(.

While I've been waiting on DH to be off, and do the trim, I've tackled another project. The kitchen area of our basement. It never got a sink, and one day down the road it will have a mini-fridge and tile counter top. The overhead cabinets were on the other wall, and over a desk. These were all cainets taken from our kitchen when we re-did it a couple of years ago. Anyhow, I moved things around, put the main computer up in DH's new office/Jake's room. Moved the table and bar stools out to the garage--listing them for sale. I am an orginaztion freak, so I had lots of fun gathering all the arts and crafts supplies from all over the house, and getting them all in once place.
When we changed the basement bedroom/sewing room into the littles school room, there was a small corner left for me to sew in. After monogramming a few things, I saw that it would not work. All of the fabric, etc, was already in the armoir (that David built about 12 years ago), so I just moved the thread holders, and the rolling drawers into this room. My sewing machines are on the counter.

What you do not see in the pics is the area between these two walls. It is about 7 x 10 feet. I have two 4 foot tables (folding ones from Sam's), that I can put up against the wall, or out in the center to form a square. To sew, all I will have to do is move the machine to a table. For arts/crafts, the littles can roll there desk chairs in from the school room.

I am very excited to have this all done. Now I can hardly wait to start sewing the boy's bedding!

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