Kristen, Airport, and a snail's pace working on Wes's room

Last week Kristen went on a college visit trip to Bob Jones University. She really enjoyed it and looks forward to starting in January. We were able to fly her there with her skymiles, on a plane of course, so it was $85!...which the school will reimburse us for--how awesome is that! With her going to college 2 states away, I am thrilled to be only 20 minutes from the airport. We don't use it often...but when we do....how nice. And can I tell you about the awesome cell phone parking lot? I knew it was there, but when David's work sends him on a trip, they take care of everything, so I had not actually used the cell phone lot until Saturday. I was so thankful to be able to sit in the car, with the littles snacking on cheez-its,
listening to the radio while we waited. They even have a board that shows flight status, just like inside the airport.

Kristen's room will become the little boy's room. Kristen has done a good cleaning out and also packed up things for storage. While she was gone last week, we stripped the border. I am very thankful that it came down so easily, only took a few hours. The littles had great fun cleaning all the paper up out of the floor. I remember now, why we put a border in the room. UGH--had totally slipped my mind that the border area of the wall is all messed up from the previous owner. Splotches of old paste, and a heavy line where a previous border had been painted up to, with a lovely scalloped edge. I was crushed, as I already have the room planned out in my head. Another border is not part of the plan, and is expensive. SOOOO we decided we will put a luan border and trim piece around the top of the wall. We had it in another house, it gives the illusion of a wide crown moulding. This, of course, adds more time to the plan. I will try to get David on it this week, so I can paint on his next set of off days.
Stay tuned to see how that works out.

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