Frugal Friday

DH stayed at home with the littles so that Kristen and I could go to our favorite thrift store to work on her college wardrobe. And I must say, it needed lots of work. For a very looong time, we have not bought her any clothes, because I did not want to purchase anything that would not meet the dress code of her school.......and she could not make up her mind on which school to attend. On top of that, she changed sizes. She wears uniforms to work, basketball shorts or PJ pants and T's at home, and was literally down to only a few decent outfits. What makes our favorite thrift store special is that it has dressing rooms!!! Yipee-- so you KNOW it fits, before you pay that $1. And they have 1/2 price day, so of course, that's when we go.
Here are a few of our great finds. This top is brand new, tags still on it, we got it for $1.50. Got the beige skirt for $2.50--brand new with Banana Republic tags still on it!

And on Kristen's campus visit last week, she discovered that it would be a great investment to have a rain coat.....especially when you only have to invest $3!!! It is tooo cute, with a little green and white checked lining, it's a designer label, and looks brand new.

I could have posted this for Thankful Thursday also, we are very thankful to have been able to buy 29 pieces for $46!!
Thrift stores are a wonderful win-win situation, and I'm so glad God thought of them=).

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  1. What thrift store do you go to? That is great that you got all of that for that great price.