Frugal Friday, busy week, amazing technology, another record broken

This is my Frugal Friday, found on Thursday.......... Are these not the most precious shoes you have ever seen!!!!!! They came from a consignment sale in our town. A church does it twice a year, and puts the profit into different mission projects. I spent most of the day Monday pricing all of the items I was selling. I try not to ever spend more than I plan on making-- it did not work out this time. But I only took in clothes from two kids, and I was shopping for 3!
I do not know where the week went, but we sure were busy. Here's a pic of the littles caught being sweet.
Jake decided to sell his car on Thursday--I thought "great, people calling all weekend-not showing up to look at it-taking up a lot of time". Well, I was wrong. Sold it Thursday night, to the 1st person who looked at it. I had to go meet the people at Jake's work place, but he got a break and came out to sell the car. He worked all day Saturday, so DH and I were off to Atlanta to buy his "new" 22 year old vintage Beamer. He was beaming!- and so proud when we got home with it. We're proud of him, he worked hard for it. Our 6 hour trip to Atlanta turned into a 10 hour trip, with the littles in tow.....but Jake paid for our lunch at Cracker Barrel--yum!
Both big kids made college decisions this week too!!!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
Jake will go to Pensacola Christian next August. Kristen will go to Bob Jones University in January.
Jake and Kristen had dental cleanings on Friday....Kristen needs 4 wisdom teeth out. She goes to BJU next week for a visit, and then will be working her regular job, plus a seasonal job, and finishing up school. SOOOO, when I called and found out they had a cancellation for Monday--I jumped on it. Poor Kristen gets 4 wisdom teeth out tomorrow.

AND NOW---------let me tell you about this amazing technology. It's called a self cleaning oven.
Since we have never (until now) lived in one house for too long, I have NEVER cleaned an oven.
Hard to believe--married 21 years---and have never cleaned an oven. They were always clean when we moved in , and pretty clean when we moved out. We used to joke that when the oven gets dirty; it's time to move. This oven was put in about a year and a half ago, and the teens aren't quite as neat as I am, so it was time to clean it. Totally sparkling clean, and all I did was mash a button....another record broken. I also cleaned the rest of the kitchen from top to bottom today. We were "quarantined" from church, because Avery has surgery on Wednesday, and I was in a cleaning mood.

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  1. Oh how you've inspired me to finally push that "clean" button on my stove! We've lived here over 12 years and I've only done it once before...so it's time to either move or push the darn button again!!