Emmi---quiet----for 1 hour!!!!!! Not -a-single-word!! Those of you who know Emmi personally, realize how amazing this was! Grandma gave her the mosaic thingy for Christmas, it stays in a hall closet, until it is desperately needed... like one day last week.

Avery, on the other hand, could be quiet and play alone for hours everyday.....if Emmi would leave her alone for that long. I think she will be an architect.
And, just in case you do not recognize these girls, it's Mei and TingTing from Mulan II, they love that movie, and would watch it everyday if I would let them.
Sorry I've been such a blog slacker, just haven't been in the mood, and have been very busy. Hoping that since I posted such cute pictures, you'll forgive me.

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