Last Weekend

I know you were greatly disappointed that I did not post last weekend. Probably worried yourselves sick wondering what I was up to. We painted closets, one had the original 20 year old paint in it---ewwwww. When we moved here, almost 4 years ago, the big kids unpacked their own rooms, and closets. I don't think I ever saw the closets empty to realize how bad it was. Then when we painted their rooms, we just kind of ignored the closets. In Kristen's we had to take down all the shelving and put up double racks--it will be Wes's room, and he would not be able to reach a high rod, plus I like having 2 anyway.
The one pictured is part of Jake's. Look at the wierd teal color it was---that color was no where else in the whole house--strange--no, not even under another layer of paint in his room.

So now you can rest easy, knowing that you did not miss anything too exciting.

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