We did!! and Thursday, and Friday, and Saturday. This poor laundry room only had the original paint, and one more coat---it's 20 years old! So, with paint leftover from the kitchen re-do last year, it finally got new paint. Now we have officially painted every room in this house. We have also broken a record here--we have been here 3 years and 9 months. In 21 years of marriage, this is the longest we've lived anywhere. We had been at 2 other houses 3 years and 3 months. The shortest permanant home was 18 months; shorter between moves and while building a house. We hope to be here a very long time!

David did a great job on the floor. I won't tell you how many months I've had a backerboard
floor, but it was double digits. This is the same tile we put in the kitchen over a year ago. We made it as far as the laundry room door, and then were so sick of tiling and grouting, we took a long break.

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  1. Looks great!! Good job!

    One time we were redoing a house and we put the laundry room above the kitchen- while in process we could see through the floor boards- when the dryer went on the spin cycle we all had to cover our cereal- cause it rained sawdust! Fun memories!