Frugal Friday--late

Real men do eat quiche! We weren't actually trying to be frugal, just trying to make it til Monday without going to the store.
Two deep dish bacon quiche for just under $8. Me and the littles also had applesauce. The big kids were working, so we had enough leftover for lunch today....so 2 meals for 4, $8.

We were not able to make it til Monday before going to the grocery store; it's our turn to take breakfast to Sunday School tomorrow. BUT got a sweet deal on Grands biscuits, 56 cents for a tube of 8. They were on sale, we had a copon, and the store had a blinky coupon, they took both. We also have some $2 off coupons for soy milk, making it 99cents for a 1/2 gallon. Sorry Sunday school friends, you're not getting the chocolate soy milk. But we'll bring you juice, sausage, biscuits, gravy and fruit.

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