Thankful Thursday--late again

I was going to post last night, but was just too tired. We are thankful for Avery's good report. Avery had a visit at the cleft clinic, we were there from 9-1. The girls were both tired and hungry when we got through--and so was I!!
I am thankful that we get to go to this clinic and see all the doctors/therapists at once, instead of 3+ separate appointments. Also thankful that we have wonderful doctors for Avery. We've suspected for the last year that more surgery was coming, known for the last 6 months that it was definitely needed. It's been 2 years since her palate repair, and she just cannot produce anything but vowel and m sounds. I have educated myself on the pharyngeal flap (p-flap) procedure, and was as ready as a mom can be. Turns out, Dr. Grant does not do the surgery I was expecting. After hearing his reasons, and comparison of the p-flap, and the spincteroplasty ___?, I cannot understand why anyone would do the p-flap; are they not all as smart as Dr. Grant :-)?. The p-flap requires a stay in intensive care, weeks of healing, liquid diet, higher failure rate, potentially produces sleep apnea, and may not even solve the problem. The spicteroplasty (plus some other big word) is an overnight stay at the hospital, not as much pain or recovery time, almost immediate results can be seen (or heard in this case), doesn't break down over time, and it does not run the risk of causing more problems. If Dr. Grant read this, he would probably laugh his head off at my attempt to explain all of this--I can't--but I totally trust him. But--what it boils down to is a much easier surgery, with much better result!!

We also verified that Avery "blew a tube", and can have that replaced at the same time as the palate surgery. Dr. Real (who is awesome-- but Avery did not think so when he ran a scope down her nose), said things are improving, the tissue is thicker, and should hold the tube a little longer each time, so Avery will be getting new tubes (4th time). Avery has yet to have a satisfactory hearing test in 2 years. She always has an infection, fluid, or a tube out, maybe one day we will discover the extent of her hearing loss, but it's not too bad.

Next week we will get a surgery date, and get all this taken care of. Praise God for these wonderful doctors, who truly love the kids!!!

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