Frugal Friday

Someone told me they would be disappointed if they did not know what we ate for supper on Friday's.... so here it is. Sweet potato casserole, chicken and dumplings, spinach salad. I cooked 2 huge chickens in the roaster last week, so there's a quart baggy full in the pot. Ya KNOW I rolled those dumplings out---no, it's 4c. bisquick and some milk. The spinach is left over from a casserole last week. Since I only do "real" shopping every 2 weeks, spinach is a great option for some green food the 2nd week, it keeps a loooong time. Total = $9, best I can figure, PLUS we'll heat up the leftover chicken and dumplings for lunch Saturday and Sunday. Of course I cook this fruagally (is that a word?) every night, but share on Friday, ya know, since Friday and Frugal start with the same letter. Hmmmm, I could do Tightwad Tuesday!

Also, on a frugal note, we use cloth napkins. About 5 years ago, I got almost 100 napkins free, we've been using them ever since. They take up so little room in the washer and dryer, that they do not change the cost of doing laundry. They may only save me $5 a month (not buying paper), but every little bit counts!!! (and they are "green")

If you haven't bought a shirt yet, better hurry!! They are almost gone, and reduced!! We'd like to finish up this fundraiser before we have our next yard sale on Sept. 12.

And last of all--gotta share this pic that Avery drew of Pooky Bear, she was so proud!

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