64 of them Frugal Friday on Saturday

I know you are wondering how many-64. Sixty four man sized pig-in-a-blankets for $10. How? BOGO, combined with coupons. The weiners are turkey, and the dough is made from scratch with whole wheat flour, there is also some cheese in there. So-these little yummies are healthy and cheap-which is a rare combination.

Add fresh beans- on special for $1.29 a pound.
Fresh salad (bagged salad BOGO), and I have fed my family of 6 for about $7 tonight. Then I freeze the rest of these piggies, and we have enough for 4 more meals ready in no time.
No-I am not always this clever-I got the piggies from amysfinerthings.com

These dandy little plates are another frugal find. I got these at an estate sale for $2 each. They are the good old school lunchroom plates, not a new version. The little 3-divided plates I had for the littles had seen better days, and 3 spaces was not always enough (Avery freaks out if her food touches). When I came across the estate sale plates, I thought long and hard about whether or not to shell out $20 for the set. They have been worth every dime!!! and will probably last a lifetime. They even fit wonderfully into the dishwasher!
I will attempt to do a frugal post every Friday....so stay tuned.

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