Many of my friends (with fewer children than me) have asked how we stay organized. I am sure some MOM's (mom's of many) could add so much more, but here are a few new organization things at our house.

The 1/2 bath on the main level.
Problem: little people cannot reach the towel ring on the wall next to the sink, so towel gets pulled off, used, and thrown in sink. Next little person comes in and turns on water, towel is now soaked.
Solution: 3M hook on back of door, at kid level, for their hand towel. I am also sewing on a loop of ribbon to hang the towels on, because the have fallen off of the hook a few times.

Problem: When big kids fold laundry, they complain that little kid socks and underwear all look the same, and they claim they are unable to sort it.
Solution: Color coded mesh bags on a 3M hook. Now each little kid put their undies in their bag. The whole bag goes in the wash, now the little kids grab their clean mesh bag of stuff, and put their own socks and undies away, and hang the bag back in the bathroom.

Since Kristen and Jake were in kindergarten, we have sorted our laundry as soon as we pull the clothes off.
Problem: Little kids could not understand the difference between dark and light, so then I would try telling them left or right, which did not work either. I would be across the room pointing to where they should put the clothes, saying "no, the one on the right, no, the other one". Seems like no big deal....but every night?!!!
Solution: Printed out giant crayons from the computer, colored them with dark and light colors, attached them to laundry baskets with clear packing tape. Also added the hand prints, just as reinforcement, to help them learn left and right. Now I ask the little kids each night - is their dress dark or light, they answer, and I ask -so does that go in the left or right, they answer and put the dress in.

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