Very productive weekend

We got the dining room, with it's 14 foot ceiling, painted.
Out with the yellow, in with SW 'accessible beige';
 picked to match the linen curtains.
The blue below the chair rail is the same blue
 that is in the hallway and master bath.
The blinds will be taken down when I get the curtains made.
Hallway from blah to blue.
Of course ceiling, walls, and trim are all getting
 2 coats of paint.

I'm sure, in about a year, I'll discover a section of baseboard that I missed
putting a second coat on.
We had two bedroom windows in the farm house,  
so I combined the curtain panels for this very large window.
There's that blue again, in the tray ceiling.
I did get a new quilt this go around....just like the old one=).
My view.
My turquoise chair won't fit anywhere else in this house, 
except here....so it will live here, even though the color is not perfect.
This is the 3rd bedroom I've painted brown in the past 4 years.
I painted the one in Trussville just before we moved to the farm.
We love the brown, it works great for my occasional night shift worker.
I used the same drapery fabric in the Trussville house too, 
and left the window treatments with the house.

Details in the bathroom were finished.
My favorite thing.......
The lighter blue with the toilet, and bath ceiling, 
will be seen again in the kitchen.
Bet you really didn't need to see the toilet!
DH also switched out the basic light in the closet to a 4' LED light
---I can see!!!  
Still a long way to go with paint and fabric, but I'm so thrilled to say that these areas are DONE!


View from the garage door.
Our house from the road.
The kids played, but I didn't get a picture.
More side yard.
I am so thrilled to have a River Birch tree!
View from dining room window:
and back porch.
More back yard, all the woods you see are ours.

I am thankful we never lost power, and that DH was on his way home at 4 a.m., BEFORE the snow fall, or he would have had to stay at work indefinitely.
Chili was already planned before the snow, 
so I could get lots done that day, which I did not.  
Cullman (where we moved from) is further north, and got NO snow.  

Baby, it's cold outside!!

So we cranked up the fireplaces--yes, two!!
I've never been a big fan of fireplaces, kind of a waste of space in the south...except the 2-3 months they can be used.
Remember, I tore one out of our Trussville house, and gained space for an 8' sofa.

Our heat here is electric =(, 
so we are going to see how it goes supplementing with gas on these cold days.
Talking about it the other day, we realized we have bought a new heat pump for EVERY house we have lived in!, and this one is 13 years old.....so ya know what that means!  On the bright side, when it is replaced, we will get the natural gas heat.
We've also bought a dishwasher at EVERY house we have lived in.....that's another story.

Jenna's braille Bible was finally unpacked and found a home.

New dishes!   I bought my last set from Pier 1 in 2000, when we built a house.
We were down to 8 plates, and could not even eat 2 meals in a row without washing.
 It took 3 stores, and getting two sets from display to accommodate our large family.  
They are a pretty pale blue color, called sea glass.  
Many years ago...with just 2 kids, we joked that we could not leave the house (for errands) without it costing at least $100.  As we adopted more kids, the joke was "it's a $500 day" when we ran errands.  Recently, buying house things, paint and fabric, errand days have been  "$1,000 days"......DH is now tying me up and locking me in the closet.  When I make my escape, I will paint and sew.....and let the cabinet and counter top guy in to re-do my kitchen=).
Avery made this amazing Eagle this week.
Look at the wings! and how the white neck meets the brown---all feathery looking!
It may be a few days before I return, many gallons of paint and 15+ yards of fabric are waiting on me.

Aspen babysits

She came prepared for the job, with her bag of tricks.
Aspen actually only did the outside babysitting, as she is not allowed in the house.  Kristen did the inside part.
I turned into a gingerbread boy.
We visited the Bass Pro Shop, I like Cabella's better.
Cheesecake Factory for lunch, and a few 1,000 calories.
After an antique mall, and the hotel baked potato and chili bar, we hit the treadmills to work off a bite or two of that cheesecake.
Day 2:  Hotel breakfast, then more shopping.
Homestyle cooking at the Magnolia Cafe for lunch.
Lastly,we went to see Murder on the Orient Express.
I am not a reader, neither of us knew the story.  
Definitely a surprise ending!