I've been trying to post for 4 days.  Anyway, having to download individual pictures from phone to computer, then to blog.
 Kitchen painting is complete, curtains made, and will be hung Saturday, hopefully I can post pictures then.

 Jake was home, he made a huge recipe of baked ziti,
 Then Kristen taught the kids how to play Exploding Kittens.
 Two girls got their new glasses today, one still on order.

 We have two of these trees blooming in our yard,
 does anyone know what it is?

Everybody wins!!

and thanks for voting.  Why don't more of you comment all the time?! =) 
 I'm happy you read my little blog.
I have some give-aways coming up soon, I bet I'll get more comments then=)
The floral got more votes here, and by text, however, 7 of my 9 family members voted for the blue.  You all win, I'll explain later in the week.
I scored this flute for $25 at a thrift store the other day!  I played flute in school, haven't touched one in 34 years, but was still able to play the B flat scale.  I'm hoping to have time next week to teach Jenna the notes, and let her run with it.
We picked up trash on the road side of the wooded areas in our neighborhood.
I had an "off day" and ate at Panera Bread,  I think I ate at one in Montgomery, about 17 years ago.
I came home to a made- from-scratch cake from the happy baker and her helper.
I'm sort-of, kind-of done with the house.  The last picture has been hung.
I'd been searching for something tall to go here.
Although I'm painting the kitchen, kitchen wall decor will go back on the same nails as before.....so see, I'm really kind of done.
Today, the tops of the kitchen cabinets went from this.....to this.
I painted 2 coats on the ceiling, crown molding, window and door trim.  Tomorrow, the actual color goes on the walls!!!

Garage before and after, and please vote

Only one car has been able to fit in the garage....until now.
We have finally sorted through all the mess that 
we had been moving back and forth.
Now........after two day's work......
Everything has a place....
and I HOPE we can keep it up.
Doesn't the after look much better?!!!!  Now both cars can fit in the garage.
The only pile of unorganized stuff is here in the middle, behind the treadmill.
It all belongs to Jake, and he will be home next week to get it.
Today, the kids wanted to bring this home.....

                                           definitely NOT!!!
We came home to a completed counter/tile job.
I'm painting next week, so I'll show the whole kitchen then.
First, I have to decide between valance fabrics.
The walls will be the green color on the paint chip.
I have some other green fabrics and trim to go with either....so please vote....
the floral, of the blue print?????

From flip flops and sunburn.....

Back to winter boots and frozen bird bath water in just a few days. Waid wanted to show everyone his last cast—red.

Sunday's beautiful weather

Blue skies, and a Redbud ( I think) blooming at the edge of our woods.
I have a few Forsythia's, which saves me some trouble, because it's one of the things I plant at every house.

I had a very happy helper while washing cars.
Wes the tire man.
Then he built his version of a dock.
Other kids found pine cones, put scraps of yarn on them, and hung them in trees.  They hope the birds will add the pieces to their nests, and we'll find some colorful nests later in the spring.
And while Jake is up north freezing, we all got a little sunburned.
After supper, I was clearing the counter top for the granite guy to work on Monday.
Remember how the formica was pulling away from the wall due to no caulking, and a leaky dishwasher vent?
I was able to pull that piece off with just one finger, and just as I suspected, mold was behind it.
Thankfully the mold was limited to that small area, and none was found when the guys pulled the counter top off.
Remember the before.......because in a few days you will see the new.
There was that seam that was uneven, causing the color to wear off.
There was the grout line, twice as wide at the bottom than it was at the top.
And there was the corner, where the tiles did not line up.
Ugly counter be gone.....my granite guy is here!
Looking great already!!!! Stay tuned.