More Chattanooga beauty

On our Feb 27th walk, we checked out some downtown architecture., and a sculpture garden.
                                               I love this building, look at all that slate!!!!!!!
 I've had a love for slate since I worked on the 1989 Birmingham Decorator's Show house, a 1956, 18,000 sf beauty.  The house was then bought by Richard Scrushy.  Of course that was before he went to prison, the house was seized, auctioned, bought by HealthSouth share holders to update and re-sell, AND became the 2010 Decorator's Show house.....more than you ever needed to know, right?
 I then snagged some Life Is Good (my favorite) shirts for $5 a piece!!!!! at The Barn nursery.

 We went up Signal Mountain, to Falling Water Falls.  We had hoped to see our house, almost directly below, since there's much less foliage in the winter....but we still couldn't see it.
                                       The falls looked pretty much the same as it did in the fall. 
                                    I couldn't get a good picture of the actual falls though.
 The pine tree that I had previously held onto, to lean out a little bit, ......it was still there, but very wet, right on the edge of the cliff......I just couldn't do it.
                                  Counting down the days until we close on the house (the 15th),
                               and getting some outdoor work done while the sun is actually out.

 Still amazed by all the water, below is a nearby golf course.....mostly under water...5 days after the highest water levels.
No one will have to worry about the sand traps for a while =)

Water, water, everywhere.

I know the whole nation is having crazy weather, but here is some of ours.
These pictures are from 2 days after the last rain stopped.
 These are at Chickamauga Dam, the circles mark the blue handrail that is under water.
 Chattanooga's average yearly rainfall for the last 20 years is 49",  the 2018 total was 67".
We've had 12" so far, for Jan and Feb 2019.
 This disappearing sidewalk goes to the same path with the blue handrail.
 I got a wet foot here, normally, you follow the sidewalk below to the side of a boat ramp.
 We couldn't take our normal walk, because at least 5 miles of the riverwalk was closed.
 We drove a little further down the river, here is one of the places where the riverboats, and tourist yachts usually load.
 Here's a picture from Ross's Landing, back in the summer, notice the cement columns with light posts at the water's edge.

This view is from the other end, but do you see where the light posts are?!
 Ross's Landing is directly behind the Tennessee Aquarium.
Here are two more of my pictures from a summer post--I know you're jealous of my hi-tech methods (taking a picture of my own blog page to repost).

In these 3 pictures, notice the archways to the left of the blue steel.  Specifically, where the arched part turns into straight concrete....now look at the water level compared to that.Also, notice the tops of those light posts.

 Remember me showing you the Trail of Tears Memorial about 10 days ago?  A picture at the bottom of the post shows the kids standing under that bridge.

Underneath the bridge was completely dry just days ago, as shown above.

 I know that most people aren't interested in this, but when your husband raises and lowers flood gates, controls lake levels, switches power generation around, and keeps all the stats on such things...we kind of get into it.

Fun amid delays

AJ has been on a puzzle kick lately, which is great for his thinking and fine motor skills.
These are both 300 pieces, and take him about a week to do in his free time.
 We recently checked out the Trail of Tears Memorial downtown.  It commemorates the journey from Ross's Landing, on the Tennessee River, to Oklahoma, made by the Cherokee Indians.
 Bad picture, this is at the bottom of the display, under the roadway.  In the warmer months, water runs down the stairs on the right, towards the river.  The circles on the right, on the wall, stand for the 7 clans, and plaques tell the meaning of each symbol.
 Then we headed to the "ocean" part of the Tennessee Aquarium.  And of course, every kid wanted to know what a Lemur had to do with the ocean.....but then again, there is a butterfly garden in this building too.
 The touch tank had the greatest number of stingrays and small sharks that we have seen for the area of the tank.  They were plentiful enough that you didn't have to stand and wait for them to circle around the tank, and back to your spot. 
                             Plenty of penguins too, a fantastic display for this size aquarium.
                                                            Everybody loves penguins!!!
                                    They were all very active, and this guy was super friendly.
                     The big saltwater tank is quite impressive; over 600,000 gallons of water.
                     And plenty of viewing spots, over 3 stories tall, and even a tunnel underneath.
 As for the delays....The driveway situation is still being worked on, turns out there were 2 sets of plans floating around, now we are waiting to find out if the HOA allows a triple wide driveway; which is what we thought we were getting.  Our fence will have to cross a small drainage easement, or stop short of it, so we are waiting to hear what the rules are on that.  Part of our fireplace, sheet rock and trim must be ripped out and done right.  We discovered the calculations were not correct in the original plans.  When we added the coffered ceiling, and the rock fireplace, proper allowances were not made to accommodate the rock thickness, and the horizontal edge of sheetrock (lower right of picture) that should go all the way around as a border.

The builder offered another option that would not delay our move in date, but we decided we wanted it done right.....which will delay our move in date......which has been moved back to March 15 =(
So, as it stands, partly as a result of a very wet winter, we are 6 weeks behind schedule, and this tiny rental house is shrinking by the day!!!!

Titanic and house countdown

Last spring we booked a week long fall trip to Dollywood, and surrounding attractions; it was planned before we decided to build a house.  So, to save a few thousand dollars, we cancelled---maybe next year.  It was still very high on my list to visit the Titanic Museum, so we decided to make it a day trip.  We ate at The Old Mill--I definitely recommend it!  A normal Titanic ticket is $26, but with a call in advance, and homeschool ID, homeschoolers get in for $9!!!!!!
No photography is allowed inside the museum =(.
 This is the most recent picture of our house, showing the whole front.  We are 16 days away from closing.....if it happens on time.
                                The only major thing left to do inside, is carpet installation,
                                              but there are A LOT of details to finish up.

 The metal roof over the porch was installed this week.  I told DH that I was too short to see it; to which he replied "and we paid HOW much for that?!"  I was the one who wanted it.
 Hardwood floors are down, and covered with cardboard.  The beadboard was added to the 8.5' island.
                                 Cabinet trim work is still not done, and lighting must be installed.
 The backsplash was done this week.

Oh yeh, appliances still aren't here.

 Look at the drawing below and see if you spot the problem with the driveway.......

ummmmm, yep, it was supposed to be triple wide all the way to the road.  Our foreman sent the drawing to the concrete company a week in advance.  No one else in the neighborhood has a triple wide drive, so I guess the men just assumed it was business as usual, and did not look at the plans.....so the concrete company will have the fun of re-doing it.