Anniston Museum of Natural History

                                Seems like I can only find time to post every two weeks now.
                       I'm sure I'll be more motivated when the house gets going at a faster pace.
                    This place has been on my field trip list for years.....like a decade or more.
         Anniston has just never seemed to be convenient or near anything else we were doing.

 Since our McWane pass included 1/2 price admission to this museum, and since we have moved even further away......it was nor or never, before our McWane pass expires.
 It is not a huge museum, but very well done.  Many people pair it with the Berman Museum, or Botanical Gardens, but we paired it with an orthodontic visit.
 Woe is me....... with a week of rain, our house seems to be at a standstill,
 surely we will get concrete next week. 
                                                               Jenna is now 14.
 I found Sculpture Field, which we will try to visit in the next few weeks,
                                          since the weather is finally cooling off.  It's literally a field full of large sculptures in an old warehouse area.

Happy Fall!  

Two week catch up

I've discovered more unique artwork around Chattanooga.

                                                  And I found a street with lots of murals.
                                                I had been looking for this one.

                                     This one of military service men is on a very long building.

                                                  I found Orchard Knob.

                     This very interesting "sculpture" hidden in a courtyard in the art district.
 We went to the aquarium again, to finish our assignment in the Rivers and Lakes section.

 Found the brass foot steps in the sidewalk, showing how to o the waltz, I had also been looking for these since out May trip.

 Our house was at a standstill this past week, due to all the rain.  I was shocked that there was so much flooding that schools were actually closed.

                                          Happy fall ya'll!!

Falling Water

The Canyons, where we are building our house, is at the foot of Signal Mountain, in an area called Falling Water.
Look closely at the photo below, I took it while walking in our neighborhood.
We'll call the circles 1, 2, and 3; from left to right.

This house is what you see in the first circle.  I was bound and determined to find it.  I could see it's uniqueness, even from below.  I knew if I could find the basic area, I could find the house.

 Circle number 2:  Falling Water Falls.  The 110 foot high waterfall is on Little Falling Water Creek, and drops over the resistant sandstone cap of the Cumberland Plateau. 
The small cliff top section of the 136 acre natural area, is in Walden, while most of the natural area is located below the falls in the town of Soddy Daisy.

 The entrance trail has only 3 parking spaces, and is a neighborhood.  The walk to the falls is only 2/10 of a mile, and took us only 6 minutes, walking very slowly with Jenna.

 It was an easy walk, mostly level paths with only tree roots to worry about.  There was a couple of feet to "climb" down to get to the creek, but still easily managed by all.
                                The kids enjoyed the creek area, as we took them, one-by-one,
                                            closer to the edge, to see the falls and view.

                                                                I hung onto                                a little pine tree to get this close to the edge for the picture below.
                                              DH walked to the edge of the falls for the picture below.
Now scroll back up to the picture with circles, this is #3. 
The rock-face that I love so much, I'm strange like that.
 When we move into our house in late January, I will see this gorgeous scene, every day, for the rest of my life (unless I'm away on a trip).
 Here is the view of the rock-face from the falls.
It's neat to be on the main highways below, and know exactly where the rock-face is.
                                                Getting there was fun too!  There are a couple of "W" roads going up Signal Mountain.  Last time we were on Signal Mountain, a lady warned us about this one.
 But, we actually discovered another much sharper "W" road.  To make one interior curve, coming down, I actually had to back up, because I could not turn sharp enough.
Gates are at the tops and bottoms of these "W" roads, so that no one uses them during icy weather. 
Toto--I thought we were still in the south?!?!?!  Do ya'll remember, when we were on the farm in Cullman, I said I never wanted to live any further north??  Eating my words, once again,
                                                         I LOVE IT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! (at least 'til winter)
Woot Woot--footings were dug today!
                                                 We took DH to Signal Mountain today.
 Emmi did not want to hike, so she volunteered to stay up top with Jenna and Waid.
                                             The rest of us walked down about a half mile,
                                                 according to the app on my phone.
                   It's quite different than walking at the Riverwalk, or in the neighborhood.
                                           We were huffing and puffing on the way back up.

                These guys had fun, we need to do it once a week to build up endurance!

 We got fresh baked pumpkin bread on the mountain, and also stopped at an apple orchard.

We picnicked at the Pumpkin playground, and had another adventure after lunch.....which deserves it's very own post in a couple of days.