Our 29th anniversary, and the long story of our rings. 
We met on a blind date in September of 1987, set up by mutual friends.
Our friends got engaged, and DH overheard me saying that if I was going to wear a ring on my hand forever, I wanted to pick it out.  He remembered that comment.
Just one month after meeting!, he asked me to marry him, and we looked for rings. 

I had to choose between a costly ring and no honeymoon,
 or a more modest ring and a honeymoon.

I chose the modest ring, and Disney World; DH had never been.



I don't have a good variety date-wise of pictures to show.  They are on a top shelf in the garage, in 2 big plastic boxes that probably weigh 80 lbs each-.  I had to stand on a chair, blindly stick my arm in, and pull out what I could.

At the 10 year mark, I got a new ring, I don't have a picture, but it was very similar to the one pictured above.

We went back to Disney World that year too.

 Our thinking, at the time, was that I would get a new ring every 10 years.
That way, by the time the kids were grown, Kristen could have a ring, and Jake would have one to give to his wife or keep for a daughter.
Life went on, 

We adopted Emmi in 2005.

Then Avery in 2007.

 I don't remember actually choosing between the two, but in 2008 we did an "all the way down to the studs" kitchen renovation instead of me getting a ring.  The link is from the "house for sale" blog we did a few years ago.

I had stopped wearing my ring years ago due to some nerve damage that has since healed, and DH had never worn his much, since he worked with electricity.  In 2010, we sold all our gold as we were adopting Wes and Waid, just 5 months apart.
(read it if you have time, one of my better posts)

We're a year early on the "every 10 years" ring.  But this year, we got new rings!
And after realizing we had very few photos together, we had fun taking a bunch today.

At first I wanted stackable rings, to hand down to our daughters.  All the ones we found were very dainty, DH did not feel they were "worthy" of 29 years.

Then I tried putting a stackable ring in the middle, with an anniversary band on each side.  
Although several rings on a short stubby finger like mine, did not work out too well.

It was pretty, but did not add up to be a carat.
                     My wonderful husband wanted me to have a carat.
I knew I wanted a band, not a style that had stones set up on prongs.  I wear my ring 24/7, and didn't want a prong ring catching or hitting on things.
Here's what we decided on:  the picture doesn't do it justice.  I really did my homework on diamonds, and the sparkle of this ring is amazing.

DH was very patient in our search, even buying a ring at one store, to take to another store, so I could see them side by side.
On one of our shoppingtrips, he spotted this watch.  Of course he got it----you don't say "no" to a man who just bought you a carat!
                                                Thankful and blessed!!

Butterball and Helen have become great friends lately.
Remember, Helen is blind.

This morning, I stood and watched for several minutes.  Butterball walked with Helen and stayed right next to her.  It's amazing to watch the connection between animals!

Emmi **finally** sold all of her baby goats, that were old enough to sell. 
 On the day that she sold the last 5, this little girl was born.  
Emmi named her Tabby.
Joseph, the white one, is the only other baby goat here now. 
 He is Tabby's uncle, and two weeks older.
We made a great discovery while working on the front of the house!  We knew the aluminum siding had wood siding behind it, original to the house.  But what we did not know was that this vent was behind the aluminum.  We bought a cedar gable vent to put on the back of the house, but not for the front.  We did not know if there was a vent.
We had gone back and forth as to whether we needed a vent, since there did not appear to be one when the aluminum was up.  We were thrilled to find this old detail, all intact.  It has now been cleaned up and painted.
I can't wait to show you the before and after pictures of the front of the house in a few days!

The family says that I just may love my cows more than my kids.
So I had a moooo inspired Mother's Day.

Kristen came and sent DH and I out to eat.  While we were gone, she and Emmi made this cake, with Helen the cow on it.

They weren't shy with the decorations.
They raided the cabinets and stuck on anything they could find that was worthy.

There were many mooooother's day cards.

Jake sent me this mug, I have never drank coffee,
 but started drinking cappuccino last winter.

A super watering can, and purple hydrangea were among my gifts.
I hope your day was great too=)
Waid built a hay baler, he better get busy, hay season is in full swing.

DH got this handy cart for me.  It means I no longer have to carry the 60+ pound pail of milk to the next room.
He built the table in the pit so we can simply back the cart onto it.

DH also replaced the rickety wooden stairs with cement block ones.
After milking, I just roll the cart into the milk room, 
where there is a pulley to lift it to the drainboard for me.

DH made a clothesline for the dirty udder cleaning rags, no more smelly damp rags in a bucket.

Our system of vacuuming the flies off of the cows is working great.  DH built a box to go around the vacuum, and put it outside the door.  He wired it to turn on when we turn the milking machine on.
He ran a pipe and connected it to the vacuum hose inside the milking parlor.
Josie was afraid of the loud vacuum noise, now she does fine, and the vacuum is not in our way.
I grateful for a hubby who can do these "handyman" things,
 they make jobs so much easier!