The crazy before the move

DH, who thinks he is funny, put the paper plate in the dishwasher.
We're not using paper plates yet, but he did.
 We have a week to go, but one of those days we will be in Chattanooga, one at doctors appointments and other errands all day, church on Sunday, and DH will be leaving on Monday, and return just in time to sign papers on Friday.
 So the last two days have been pretty busy.  I've packed up what I could in the kitchen.
The pantry now holds only what I know we will eat in the next week.
                                            It seems that boxes line the walls of most rooms.
                             It's to that point where you can't keep things clean and neat anymore.
 We've been eating from the freezer, and sold one of them.  I'm amazed that we still have 4 cases (quart sized) of green beens from the farm, 3 cases (quarts and pints) of applesauce, and another case of pickles and squash.
 The kids beds were taken down today.  I love how boys never outgrow legos!
They are a super toy for times like this, all in one box, and so many options!
                Betsy Ross, I mean Emmi, is staying busy with a crochet project that she hopes to sell.
                                                  In 7 days I will be a Chattanoogan!!!!!!!!

The last week or so....

                                  We had our 5th and final summer birthday.  (Cake by Emmi).

                                                       AJ is quite excited to be 15!!
                              We've had two appointments to pick out things for the new house.

Some of the exterior finishes; dark grey board and batten (color shown on regular siding sample), cedar porch post and gable accents, partial stone front, plus dark grey standing seem metal roofing, and regular roofing.The living spaces will have the hardwood shown above.  The kitchen island will be grey, the main wall of cabinets will be white with a grey glaze.  The grey subway tile will be the backsplash, in the herringbone pattern.

Below is the master bath cabinet door color (not the actual door design), 
 the shower and floor tile, and the counter top granite.
                                              Materials for the 2 kid bathrooms are below.
 Carpet for bedrooms, and laundry room tile is below.  We only get to select 2 paint colors-
-----ya know this is killing me.        BUT, of course you also know one would be blue =). 
Many rooms will be re-painted in my colors within the first year.
                     All of this makes Janet a very happy girl.
 And since Jen is going crazy; I'll finally tell you where we are building........
                                                         drumroll please.......

 Random pic---Waid, age 12, still does the "Chinese squat".
And along with family craziness, here's what DH is dealing with at work.
Happy Weekend!!!!!!!

Last catch up post

                    We had a tasting tour at Whetstone Chocolate Factory in St. Augustine.
 They have another, much larger factory, that produces for Nestle, Hershey, and M&M Mars.

              The kids learned all about chocolate, and why white chocolate is white.

 Another day, we went to Jacksonville's MOSH--Museum of Science and History.

 There were several life sized replicas of sea animals.  Jenna and Waid loved getting to feel them.
                                                      There were many hands-on exhibits.
 In one section, the worker even got some snakes out of their cages for Jenna and Waid to feel.
                                                    Then we came home to birthdays.
                                                  As usual, Emmi made a wonderful cake.
                                                    Avery turned 13, I turned 36 again.
                 The kids insisted that Aspen (Kristen's child) and Sawyer get in on the fun.
 Aunt Marie and Uncle Gary fattened us up on our trip, so we didn't need to have leftovers!

                          And then we were in a mad dash to clean the house and get it sold.
                             Now my posts are caught up, and I'm off to do some packing.
Can anyone guess where we are moving to yet???

More of St. Augustine

 Jake turns 25 today--which makes me .......old.  I sent him the picture below when we were on our trip.  He knew it was Ponce de Leon.  Homeschool success---proof he learned something=).

 The Castillo de San Marcos was built in 1742, and is the oldest masonry fort in the continental US.

 The kids really enjoyed the fort.  The got a worksheet with fill in the blank things to learn.
The worksheet even came in 2 different levels, which was great for our crew.
                                      Each "room" in the fort had artifacts and info to read.
                                              We got to see the firing of the cannon. 
                                                 These volunteers were in wool!!!

                         We also took a trolley tour of historic St. Augustine, we love history!

Water fun

 This week I will attempt to catch up posting pictures from our last trip.

                         Jenna coming down the waterslide at my cousin's neighborhood pool.
                                                          Now it's Waid's turn.
                                                  We all had a great day at Wendy's house.
                              My aunt and uncle's house is on a slew on the St. John's River. 
                                       One of the few rivers that flows south to north.
                                    We took bread to feed the fish, but they weren't hungry.

                                               These girls had a blast at St. Augustine.
                                               We got Bill, Hayden, and Heather in this shot.
 Emmi was the only one who had met the cousins previously, but didn't remember them.
 We had a great beach day, the kids have skyped and texted each other since we have been home.

 Wendy and I talked for hours, but I didn't get a picture of her =(.
                                         Loads of shells were brought home!
                                       I am so thankful we got to spend a week with family!!