My Antebellum Estate****not

This house belonged to my grandparents at one time.
On my mini vacation this week (more about that later), I searched for this house, from what I could remember of where it was located.

I had looked on the aerial views at google maps, trying to find this house before I took the trip.  I could not find it on the computer.  
Just in case it was south of Fort Payne, instead of north, I even exited the interstate early, so I could look on both sides of town.  I saw one possibility, but wasn't sure.
So, when I got to my cabin, I was looking through the pamphlets of things to do in the area, and there was a real estate booklet.  I opened it up, to the exact page this house was on.
I drove by the next day to see it, but of course I snagged these pictures from the internet.
I'm sure this was a wonderful house when my grandparents owned it, but now--wow--lots of granite.
The butler's pantry, and formal living room below. I've seen a picture of my sister in this room.   Chandaliers everywhere, 
there's a travertine shower somewhere in this bathroom, but you'd get lost trying to find it.

There was an in ground pool back in the early 60's when my grandparents owned it.  I believe my grandfather built the pool, of course this is not the same pool.  Ahhh-  the 4 BR, 4BA, 5500sf house, and 7 acres.....I could buy it and get it back into the family again.....for only $1,050,000.  Sadly, I'm a few dollars short.

Ever seen a "snow bow"?

This was from Jake a couple of weeks ago.

Jake's multi state adventure will soon come to an end, and he will be sticking to the northern states around Maine.  The cold would drive me insane, but he has always liked it.  When he was a kid he always wanted to live in Alaska.

 So here's how McDonald's hauls double cheeseburgers....in double trailers of course.....bad joke.

 Jake will be home next week, to get his license changed over, then he will head to Maine to get his very own truck!

Let the fall birthdays begin....

they are a little more spread out than our summer birthdays.  Jenna was first, turning 13.
Emmi helped Jenna make her cake  The m&m's at the bottom are supposed to be "13" in braille, but Emmi messed up.

Jenna is our tallest Chinese kid.  Kristen and Jake passed me in height when they were 10 and 12.  Jenna is verrrrrrry close to being as tall (or short) as I am.

Jenna needed a haircut; a certain moma sort of butchered it earlier this year.

SO on her birthday, just the two of us went to get her a haircut, to Hobby Lobby to let her pick out some knitting supplies, and out to lunch.

She was thrilled, and is always so gracious. I would have to say that Jenna is our most complimentary and positive attitude child.  She is almost always cheerful.

On Jenna's birthday we had 3.25+" of rain, the pool was overflowing, I drained water out of it for 45 minutes just to get it back to a decent level.

This may be the fullest I have ever seen the neighbor's pond.

Avery has been busy!!!

She crocheted this adorably cow, complete with braided tail and an udder.
The home inspection on the farm went off without a hitch, and things are moving right along.  

Good bye

We said bye to our wonderful Sprinter van today.
I had this van 7.5 years, the longest I've ever owned a car; 
before that the record was 3 years.  
Kristen works at Serra, and got us a great trade.
Notice the black car behind it has a number thing on the roof?  The kids asked Kristen why they put those numbers on top of the cars. They call the numbers hats. Then they joked that the van probably wouldn't get a number, because the roof is too tall to reach.

She later texted them a pic, saying "look, it's got a hat".   =)

I said i'd give updates for accountability......

about my weight and walking. 
 Since I started walking in May, 
I have lost 30 lbs.  
I walk 5 miles a day, in under 1 hour 15 minutes.

I have walked extra a on some days, up to 10 miles.
Like I did today; because the past 6 days included 3 days in Bham.
Which meant not walking 2 days, eating cheese biscuits at Jim-n-Nicks, along with other not-so-healthy meals, and an Arby's jamocha shake.
I currently weigh 30 lbs more (at age 50) than I weighed at age 20.....still working on it.

We visited a covered bridge just a few miles from our house.....
took us 3 years to finally visit it.
With a move in the future, I've been drooling over fabric again.

Emmi crocheted this blanket for our neighbor's baby.

Waid and Jenna have perfected their log cabin building.  
Happy weekend!!

Yes, I know....

it's been over a month since I posted. 
 Thank you to those who called or emailed to check on us.
TOO much has happened to cover it all, so I won't even try.
60 rolls of hay off of the 7 acre pasture!!!
Emmi training Tabby to walk on lead (wearing a paper hat).
Moe died  a couple of weeks ago.

We are selling the farm.

Two beef cows were processed, and the rest went to auction.

Other animals have been sold individually.

The tractor and all equipment has been sold.
DH sold his truck today, and is out looking for something else.

Piglets found new homes, and their moma is now in our freezer.

Not sure where we'll all end up from here, most likely back to suburbia.
Part of that may depend on how long it takes to sell the farm.
It's been a fun (at times), educational, labor intensive, costly experience, but now it's time to move on.  

Jake update

Jake is having lots of fun.  He finished his training early, and is now driving with a "coach".
He picked up a load in this underground place in Springfield, MO, headed to PA.

Doesn't show up well, but they're driving through a wind farm in PA.

In Maine; I guess the photos across the beautiful US will always have a rear view mirror in the photos=)

Heading into Portsmouth NH.
Lastly, for his first week, Route 1 in Easton, Maine, headed to Fort Worth, Texas with 43,000 pounds of frozen french fries.  And look mom!  No rear view mirror in the picture!  Notice, more wind mills on the mountains.