Jake's new job.

After 7 years in Pensacola, Jake is moving on.  Remember he was hired by a trucking company a few weeks ago, only to be told that their insurance would not cover anyone under age 25?

He has now been hired by Prime; North America's most successful refrigerated, flatbed, tanker, and intermodal trucking company.  He is looking forward to training in Missouri, beginning July 24th.

And here's a picture of Kristen and her friend Jordan, that was taken at the Chinese restaurant last week end.  Kristen works at a car dealership in Birmingham.  

Our weekend

Ten little piggies were born Saturday morning!
Martha, the moma is doing a great job (we sure don't have a clue).
Can you see the spiderweb?
They were all over the fence on my walk one morning, with just enough dew on them to make them noticeable.  God's beautiful handiwork!
We now have over 100 quarts of bean canned!!!!! 
Goal met, now we can sell or give away some of the beans we will continue to pick.
Jake was home for a few days, and Kristen was able to meet us at a Chinese restaurant for lunch.
Row and rows of delicious food. 
 Jake found this place (in Decatur)
when searching for Sushi on a previous trip home.
Lots of variety!

Our meal was followed by a trip to WM for more canning jars.
And a WM brand "Yeti" cup; for half the price.  We tested them with the same number of ice cubes (thanks Emmi).  After most of the day atop the fridge, the Yeti won, but the WM brand did extremely well for the price difference.
Then it was back to butter and canning again on Monday.

Lots of canning and random stuff

This week the garden has produced 4 gallons of pickles.  My dill has not bloomed, though, so these are the easy refrigerator method pickles.
Waid made a power plant this week, including movable turbines.
The family bought me an 8' picnic table for my birthday.
We had another one of our hams this week.
Avery turned 12.
I canned 21 jars of applesauce, thanks to our generous neighbors who gave us apples!
Emmi made Avery's birthday cake.  She put "62" on it with sprinkles, for our combined ages---we share a birthday.

This is our best garden ever, and I am so thankful!  
Canning does get tiring, but it's worth it.

21 quarts of green beans were canned today, and I'm shooting for 21 more tomorrow.  It takes two quarts per meal to feed us.  So far (after tomorrow) I have canned enough beans to feed us over 30 meals!!!
Emmi made arrangements to have sweet potato pie made, and delivered on Avery's birthday.  Avery loves sweet potatoes.  Emmi was so thoughtful to come up with the idea, enlist a friend of ours, and keep it a secret for months----which is amazing for Emmi.
The kids are super excited that we should have watermelons next week, and 100 baby chicks should begin to hatch.
The first of our summer birthday bunch.
Wes is 13, four more birthdays to go this month.
The girls are learning to knit. 
Avery is patiently working with Jenna.

Here's Avery knitting on her own.

And Emmi.

I was extremely blessed this week to spend time with a friend I had not seen for  over thirty years!!

On the porch, with glow sticks.
Smith Lake fireworks, 
I'm convinced, now, that there is absolutely no way to take a good night time picture with a cell phone.
Strange weather this week; this was fog one morning.  It's rained so much that, for the first day in a month, I missed walking.  But we need the rain, got 2 " on Thursday.
We found Floyd Sunday morning with a gash on his leg, literally spurting blood everywhere when he moved a certain way.  The vet could not stitch it, he said that due to the location, the stitches would rip out in a matter of hours.  He put cauterizing medicine on it and bandaged it tightly.  We love our vet, he came back Monday to change Floyds bandage, and castrated Floyd while he was here.
If you have to pay for a farm call, you might as well get your money's worth.
Our friend Steve brought the kids a box of artifacts from a Cooper River dive trip.  This is the same friend who gave the kids megalodon shark teeth.
I canned 2 batches of beans this week, and a batch of squash/zucchini.
I'm still discovering beautiful colors on these birds, they are growing and changing so fast!
The year we moved here, I transplanted these cana lilies.  I don't particularly like them, but moved them from the house to an area where the dirt was washing away, by an old shed.  The do look great now, I'm glad I didn't just throw them away.
Moe was sad this week, his purple ball got torn.  I'll have to order him another one soon.
Other than that, it's just been a "normal" night shift week, which means not much gets done around here.

Busy week on the farm; with DH off 5 days.
He cut hay in 3 pastures, 
raked the hay, 
and baled the hay.
Bought 3 tons ( two of these bags) of organic fertilizer,
spread the fertilizer.
We ate the first of the green beans from the garden. along with squash, zucchini, and kale.
Bought an ice machine from the Habitat store, because we never have enough, and our milk customers often need it.
Pearl thinks she's a goat (they often eat on their knees).
Jennifer got lots of loving.
And I broke my all time favorite (and most expensive) pair of glasses.  Two small chips out of the lense, but because of the style, I'm afraid it may end up cracking.  I'll have to check out my options on Monday.