Our builder put a row of blah bushes across the front of the house, I removed them all.  They also laid sod everywhere else, and not just put it where I wanted it, so we pulled lots of sod up too.
Here is a Chinese Fringe Tree, Guara, Rosemary and Lantana.
 This part of the patio is pre-wired for a future hot tub.  I planted Lantana, Dwarf Gardenia, Vinca, a Butterfly bush on the far right,which is right outside my bedroom window, and a Camellia beyond it.
 Above is one of the areas that we removed the sod from.  We added all of the extra sod to the back of the property, gaining about 10' extra grass going up the hill.

                                                  Here's the view from the top of that hill.  In the section next to the covered patio, there are Patio Plums, Rosemary, Lavender, and a Snowball bush.
                               Kristen gave me the birdhouse and feeder for Mother's Day. 
                                     The cow feed bucket holder is from the farm, of course, I have 2 of them.
 View down the street.  I can see the same rock face from the bench in the back yard.
 The big boulder "park" is a few houses down from us.  It has 5+ huge boulders, gravel path, and benches.  Kids can climb up and sit on the boulders.
 Back to the corner of the yard; there is a Burning Bush, Crepe Myrtle, Knock Out Rose, 4-Apple tree, Lilac, and Lantana.
                           Another view of hot tub area, I have a Knock Out Rose in there too.
                                                           All of the rock edging is what was leftover from the house.                         
 Plum trees, Cherry bushes, and Ceder Trees are across the back.  The  property line is just past the trees, you can see the "free" junipers past that; that I ripped up from the front yard.
On one side of the house I have "free" golden junipers that my neighbor didn't want.  On the other side I have several Hydrangea.
 Across the front from the entrance to the bench, I put a small shrub that I have never used before, Vintage Jade, and Coral Drift Knock Out Rose in front of them.  There are 2 Camellia's behind the bench.  AND, you're probably noticing the for sale sign.......stay tuned.


                             The kids den is upstairs, along with their 3 bedrooms and 2 baths.
                                Emmi's room.  She wanted  a large plastic table in her room to use while                                                        crocheting, so it doubles as her school space.
                                            Girl's bath...yes, same decor, different wall color.

                                                                    Boy's room. 

                                                      Avery and Jenna's room.

                                                                Boy's bath.

Since we started homeschooling in 2001, this is the first house without a dedicated school room.
Since we only have a few years left, I found other spaces to use instead of a dedicated room.
 Waid is under in the closet under the stairs.  We had outlets and extra lighting put in all the closets.  The black bookshelf to the right houses the "group use" books, dictionaries, etc.
                               Wes does his school work in the larger-than-normal coat closet.
                                                Emmi's workspace is in her room.
 Jenna and Avery have a large walk in closet, so we made it double as their school space.
                                  The door with towels goes to the attic.

                                            And AJ uses the desk in the butler's pantry.
While it may seem odd to stick kids in closets, it is working out wonderfully.  I also find that they have fewer distractions since they are separated.  They put all of their completed work in a basket at my kitchen desk. 

House Tour, main level

Welcome, I can't believe it's taken me 3 months to post these.
 Upon entering, the dining room is to the right of the foyer.  The foyer contains 2 closets and a powder room.
 The den is at the end of the foyer, and the kitchen to the right of the den.
                                    We are really enjoying the coffered ceiling.  We moved the wall below and added a cased opening in order to add the coffered ceiling to this plan.
 I love the buffets on either side of the fireplace.  I searched long and hard for these.  They are from Mango's on the Northshore.
 Between the kitchen and dining room there is a butler's pantry, but we did built in desks instead of cabinets.
 Also off the kitchen, is the mudroom, the door goes to the laundry room, and there is a door on the left side going to the garage.  We moved the door opening to the kitchen, to accommodate our very large built in.

                                             The small alcove leads to the master bedroom.
 The builder only let us select 2 wall paint colors, I painted the bedroom and dining room on week 2.
 These are the same curtains that I made on the farm, 3rd house now.  I also used the brown fabric in Trussville.  SO that print has been with me in 4 houses, I love it.

 The original plan had a separate room for the toilet, with a little skinny door.  We made all of our door ways 3 feet wide.  It would have been hard to maneuver a walker of wheelchair in the little room, so we left it open.  We added grab bars to the shower and toilet.  Another handicap friendly detail are the lever doorknobs, instead of actual knobs.....so much easier to grab.
                                  Yes, of course I have a crystal chandelier in my bathroom.
 Back to the kitchen.  We extended the cabinets at the end for a desk area.  I added pot drawers instead of cabinets, and got a trash can drawer too.
 I would have been a bit afraid to do the dark tongue and groove ceiling, had it not been for having the old 1940's wood ceiling at the farm.
              It is a little hard to tell, the wall cabinets are white, the island cabinets are light gray.

                                The valances are one of the two that I made at the last house.
                               I tried to re-use curtains here, I just wasn't in the sewing mood.
The chairs are from the dining set, I got slip covered ones for the dining room.  The table is an antique Ethan Allen, that my cousin Wendy gave me.
                                               Back to the front of the house, the dining room.
                                           Crystals on the chandelier; a must in my book.
 Recognize the curtains?  I made them at the last house.  I had planned the colors in this house around those curtains.  When it came time to hang them, I just about had a heart attack.  I realized that since they were hung over a palladian window, they were shorter than the length I normally make them. Luckily I was able to find a matching green to make a band across the bottom.
 I had 3" wood shutters ordered for this room,  twice.  The first company was through the builder, and they messed up, so I was able to cancel the order, which was a good thing because I realized their shutters were not wood.  Then I ordered again, and when they came in last week, they were wrong from the factory, and had a paint run.  Once again, I got my money back.  I'm just going to leave the windows with curtains only for now.
Tomorrow, I'll show the kids space (upstairs).