4 1/2 years, and they're OFF!

bone graft 3-12   braces 11-13  off in summer 2015 for 3 months

 Avery had her first cleft surgery at one year old.  Since then, she has had over 20 more surgeries (we lost count) related to her cleft palate.
Her bone graft was done 3-2012.  Braces went on 11-2013, along with several rounds of the palate expander. 

Braces came off for the first time in summer of 2015.
These pictures are from Nov.  2015, when she got her second round of braces on.
 Notice that even after 2 years of braces, her lower teeth still closed in front.

 This pic shows the cleft area pretty well.  She had the most severe degree of cleft palate, open all the way up into her nosl, and the entire roof of her mouth was split in half.
She has had this set of braces on for 2 1/2 years.  Looking at these dates, we realized she has had braces on her teeth for over 1/3 of her life.
Above--This morning before her appointment.
WOW!!  Now that's a million dollar smile!!
(almost literally)
Greystone Orthodontics is amazing!!!!
I had a good Mother's Day, I hope you did too.
 My resident chef's made a cake, with the crazy cow's help.
This cow is like our "Elf on a shelf".
 I was flying high one night last week, when I was able to get the family tickets to a "bucket list" thing that will occur in December.
 Then we learned that Kristen might not be able to babysit for our 30th anniversary trip this weekend.  It was a stressful few days, but everything turned out OK.
 DH had booked the trip about 6 months ago, and let me know where it was, with just enough time to investigate restaurants and activities.  We leave Friday morning, so be on the look out for "Guess where we are" posts.  It's such a cool place, I know I will be able to find a neat prize---better than Chick-Fil-A gift cards.   
 Jake was home one night this week.  He and DH just got new-to-us MacBook pro's.  Now they are trying to convince me to get a used MacBook air.  I like my 8 year old Samsung Chrome book; but it is dying.
Any input????  Should I take the leap?????

Don't forget to guess where we are---starting Friday afternoon!!!

First Swim

 Me; in the shade watching kids after I got out of the pool.
 Thrilled to have an in ground pool again!!!!
 With a diving board.
 My new best friend---left by previous owners.

 And a slide--yay!!

Happy Weekend!!