Jake passing through....

He brought salt from Maine, 
sand from Vermont, 
mud from New York......and all this cold weather.
 He was only here a few hours. Now he is leaving the winter mess with us,  heading south; and going on a cruise to Cozumel.
We hope to see him longer when he comes back through on Monday or Tuesday.

The Sound of Music

During all of the painting, the kids have watched 
The Sound of Music several times.  
A lot of creativity, role playing, and singing has come from it.
This beanie baby cat has been turned into Sister Margaretta, with the help of a crocheted outfit.
And this cat is Baroness Schraeder.

I love that my kids are doing things like this!
Beethoven, the blue monster was created by Emmi a few months ago, 
this week Emmi crocheted  "snow queen" accessories for her.... in anticipation of tomorrow's dreaded winter weather.
AJ and Jenna have been working on a 1,000 piece puzzle.

 The cabinet man finished my cabinets this past week.  Yes, the hood and the island are blue....trust me on this, and wait to see the finished product.  We're waiting on an installation date for the new back splash and granite.  Then I will paint, and make curtains.
 The cabinet maker was able to swap out two cabinets for large drawers.  Half gallon mason jars fit perfectly in one drawer, I was already using them to store flours, sugars, etc.  This is a huge space saver!
The painter finished the foyer and living room on Saturday.  I am hanging pictures and putting the room back together today.  I still have to paint the doors, some trim, and fireplace surround.
I hope you all stay safe and well during this terrible weather and flu season!

Boys room-finally!

Believe it or not, most of this room was done just one week after we moved in.
BUT- the denim quilts that were ordered before we moved, were on back order.
Then the order was cancelled on us, and DH spent hours tracking down the quilts from different locations.
Kristen did the old truck painting a few years ago for Jake.
The embroidered linen valance fabric was picked out before we moved.....then out of stock when I got ready to sew.  JoAnn Fabric was great at searching and finding it for me in Mobile, and getting it sent to B'ham.
The fish was bought on my Ft. Payne trip.
Street signs were brought from the farm. (Doors still not painted...my next painting marathon will consist of painting all the doors in the house).
I saved a few pieces of old wood from the farm, 
perfect for mounting the map.
AJ picked the maps that he wanted over his bed, put in an old window that my friend Tasha gave me.
It's pretty close quarters, but it works.  

A little fun

When DH was on night shift, we went to McWane Science Center.
Waid loved the giant Lite-Bright.
Even Jenna found something she could do, she was actually playing the classics and attracting some attention.
Emmi said we had to prove that I was there.

The giant bones section was their favorite!
We, of course, got a year membership, so we will be going every time DH is on nights.  We try to run errands on a day when he is sleeping too.
The biggest problem with that, is that I don't sleep well when he isn't home, and tend to be a bit grumpy and tired.
We hope to do many fun things this year, 
 with now worries about being home in time to do farm chores =). 

Painting marathon: part 2

Have you ever seen the "sand" paint for walls, and wondered "why on earth?..."
That was in this former office, which is now Emmi's room.
It was like painting popcorn ceiling.  This small 9 x 12 room, took 2 gallons of paint, and I mean every drop!
I gave in to lavender; at least the streaks are gone.
Emmi picked this duvet cover from The Company Store.  I *thought* it was a great choice, and with so many colors, that it would be easy to match a paint too.  When it arrived, we realized how vivid all the colors are.
We toned down the lavender two shades from the lavender on the fabric.
The duvet cover was actually a king size on clearance, I cut it down to day bed size, and had plenty left to make the valance.

Emmi is so thrilled to have her own room, not because she doesn't want to share, but because Avery and Jenna are big snore-ers.
Small and sassy--fits Emmi to a T!
And now the den....

the picture looks lighter; it was actually a "paper bag" brown, very dark.
Now it is SW Accessible Beige.  
This room will get a new sectional, 
when the kitchen is finished and I have time to shop for one.
A wall mount thing has been ordered for the TV.
A new game table and chairs will also be put in this room, but for now,  this room just caught all the odd pieces of furniture.
I am thankful for freezers full of meat, and crock pots, during my paint marathon!  The school room will be painted in a week or two.  I'll paint the kitchen after the counter tops go in, and our painter will paint the stairwell and LR in the next few weeks.  Then we are DONE!  
After reno/updating 10 other houses, it will be wonderful to have this one done in just a couple of months, instead of a couple of years!!!

Sooooo excited!!!

My treadmill is finally here!!!  Thank you DH!
It's far nicer than the one I would have picked out.
We just got it set up last night, so I haven't read the manual yet, to see what all it does.....but it does a lot, it has an app, and speakers to play music from my phone.

Walking for he last month has been sporadic.
At the farm, I was walking at about 4mph, today I walked at 3.4mph.  I don't know if I could have gone faster for any length of time, because I didn't try.
After 2 miles, my heart rate was just 76, I guess that's good.
I will certainly walk outside during nice weather, but having a treadmill will ensure that I walk in the cold, rain, snow, etc.
The floor is done!!  It's so shiny looking because it was still wet.
The workers were supposed to put a water based finish on it, requiring only 4 hours dry time.  However, they put the oil based finish on, which kept us off the floors overnight.  That was interesting, since it was not in the plans.  The girls had to walk outside and up the deck stairs, to get upstairs for supper.
My island is here, and new doors go on all of the cabinets tomorrow.
Doing the Snoopy dance here in AL!

Painting marathon: part 1

DH was scheduled for seven days of work in a row; 4 am to 4 pm.
He rarely has to work more than four days in a row.
So I decided to do a painting marathon.  We headed to Sherwin Williams, and gave them around $600, for the second time in a month.  Then brought our 15 gallons of paint home and started filling nail holes.
Before; girl's bath.
This is SW Fawn Brindle; I used it on all the doors at the farm house.

We kept the beloved cartoon of Moe, 
the Bible verse, and the Chinese themed shower curtain.
This fancy silver mirror would have disappeared into the gray colored wall, 
so I made it black.
Call me weird, but I get a certain amount of satisfaction from that clean perfectly straight and fresh paint/trim line.  
Next was the den fireplace wall and the hallway.
I didn't do the stairwell, but did paint the small space above the ladder, and the opposite short wall.  The stairwell will be done by a painter who has painted 2 exteriors for us in the past.
The blue is SW custom mix, from a Behr chip called Secluded Garden.  It's the blue in the master tray ceiling, master bath, upstairs hall, and lower half of the dining room wall.
Did anyone wonder where the remainder of that 15 yards of fabric went???
First, on the laundry room, it had bi-fold doors that were not working for us.
My laundry rooms keep shrinking, but this house was $100k less than the "perfect but in a flood zone" house that got away, so I can deal with a small laundry space. 
Secondly, the fabric went to make a 2 sided curtain for the bottom of the stairwell.  We did this in our Trussville house also.  Even with two heat pumps, getting the temps right, and dealing with so much heat going up the stairs can be frustrating.  The curtain works great, and solves that problem.
I will still have to paint trim after the lower stairs are stained.
It's really bad, with paint all over it.  But I do love to paint!!